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Brain Performance Plus™


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Brain Performance Plus™ is the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance product currently available. Its fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition, focus and concentration while supporting long-term brain health, which over time has been shown to improve memory and promote higher learning skills. Brain Performance Plus™ was formulated using the highest clinically recommended dosages to help improve all functional areas of the brain allowing you to maximize your cognitive potential.  Brain Performance Plus™ incorporates the first-ever alkaline enhancing formula to support the immune system and provide optimal organ health, caring for all functional systems.  Most benefits can be felt in as little as 30 minutes; delivering calm energized focus all day. Discover what you can achieve with this superior, scientifically researched, PharmD., M.D. endorsed, clinically proven, and safe formula.   
Mix 1 scoop with 8 to 10 ounces of fluid water and shake or stir until mixed well.