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Our Products: Brain Enhancing Supplements, pH Drops, and More!

Alkalife® was introduced to the world over 30 years ago, when reverse aging expert, author, and scientist Sang Whang developed the first pH water booster for health and wellness. In 2019, Richard Natrillo, a respected US scientist and inventor took over Alkalife® and within a year launched a new nootropic product called Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™.

Now the complete Alkalife® product line is helping countless people enhance their brain health and general wellness, and meeting their unique needs.* All Alkalife® products are non-GMO, keto-friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, paleo-friendly, and 100% vegan.

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™: Brain Enhancers Supplements

brain health supplements

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is the most comprehensive, advanced, and premium nootropic brain supplement on the market formulated to support overall brain health for peak mental performance.* The highlight of this product is its unique alkaline formula that enhances the bioavailability of its powerful ingredients for maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.

The fast-acting formulation of Brain Performance Plus™ supports cognitive functions, focus and mental clarity in adults and with continued use may also support memory and overall brain function.* The product works well not only for seniors and aging adults (who are probably its biggest beneficiaries), but also for athletes, online gamers and e-sports enthusiasts, professionals, and students, who wish to excel in their respective fields through exceptional mental performance.*

Mental Areas of Impact with Brain Performance Plus™

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is designed to support virtually all core functions of the human brain and help people maximize their natural cognitive potential, apart from delivering other mental enhancement benefits.* Some of the notable areas of impact with appropriate, continued use of Brain Performance Plus™ include:

  • Sharper focus and concentration*

  • Mood elevation*

  • Mental clarity under stress*

  • Improved long-term and short-term memory*

  • Amplified drive and motivation*

  • Accurate thinking*

  • Mental resilience to stress and anxiety*

  • Faster mental processing*

  • Executive functioning*

  • Higher learning*

  • Analytical reasoning*

  • Creative thinking skills*

  • Learning gradient*

  • Increased will power*

  • Lower procrastination*

  • Stable emotions*

  • Improved recall/retrieval*

  • Shorter reaction times*

  • Immersive flow state (feeling in the zone)*

  • Healthy maintenance of cortisol levels*

  • Neurogenesis (development and regeneration of nerve tissue)*

The Power of High-Quality Ingredients in Brain Performance Plus™

Each ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ has been chosen for its science-backed and well-researched efficacy and safety profile and used in clinically recommended doses for maximum independent and synergistic impact.* Some of the vital ingredients include:

Alpha GPC 600 mg: This advanced cholinergic compound is known for its neuroprotective properties and its ability to enhance focus, attention, mental energy, hand-eye coordination, athletic endurance, and fast reaction time.*

SerinAid® PS 600 mg: This is a key component of the brain cell membrane that is vital for long-term maintenance of brain health and function.* It may support learning skills, memory, analytical reasoning, stress reduction, and sociability.*

Coffee Berry Extract 100 mg: This natural ingredient is known to increase the BDNF protein levels in the brain, which are vital for the maintenance and regeneration of neuron cells.*

Huperzine A 200 mcg: Its cholinesterase inhibiting properties and non-cholinergic effects may help support cognitive function.*

Rhodiola 150 mg: Rhodiola or roseroot extract may help promote cellular function, support memory, and learning, and maintain cardiovascular health.*

L-Theanine: This powerful ingredient modulates certain neurotransmitters and dopamine and serotonin secretions to generate calming effects.*

Beet Root Extract 1000 mg: This time-tested, natural ingredient helps transport oxygen and vital nutrients to the brain cells.*

Bacopa Monnieri 300 mg: This natural leaf extract is known to support mental focus, concentration, and attention levels and improve cognitive function.*

The Unique Alkalizing Formula in Brain Performance Plus™

Another distinctive factor that sets Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ apart from other brain health supplements is its powerful alkalizing additive that works to increase the efficacy of each ingredient.* The alkalizing additive promotes faster nutrient absorption, helps remove toxins and acidic waste, and neutralizes harmful free radicals in the bloodstream.*

All these operations may support higher mental energy levels, alertness, and overall brain health, fight fatigue, promote physical endurance, help in weight loss, reduce inflammation, and provide support for the immune system.* The potassium bicarbonate element in the alkaline additive may also support slowing down of the aging process.*

While traditional brain supplements work gradually, the alkalizing formula of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ delivers rapid effects on brain energy and cognitive performance.*

Expected Hourly Effects with Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™

While the results for each individual may vary, in general, most people begin to experience the mental performance effects within 30 minutes after they have taken their daily dose of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™.* The benefits may help the user stay focused, alert, and mentally energized for up to 8 to 12 hours, enabling them to carry out the activities more effectively throughout the day.* Expected hourly effects are as follows:

0 to 60 Minutes: Enhanced blood flow to the brain, leading to renewed oxygen and vital nutrient levels in the brain, producing a sense of calm energy.*

1 to 6 Hours: Improvement in focus, concentration, attention, and mental recall.*

6 to 12 Hours: Increased BDNF levels (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) help combat midday slump and keep the brain energized and engaged throughout.*

Continued use of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ for three months has been shown in research studies to lead to improvements in long- and short-term memory.*

Alkaline pH Booster Drops from Alkalife®

According to researchers, about 55 to 60% of the human body constitutes water. Water is an essential nutrient that first acts as a cellular building material in the body and then acts as the maintenance agent for the life of every cell. Now imagine if you had the power to enhance your water, how far it would go to enhance your health.

With the alkaline pH Booster Drops from Alkalife®, you can increase your drinking water’s pH level, and pave your way to exceptionally enhanced health and wellness. The vital ingredients in these pH Booster Drops help increase your body’s hydration and energy levels and help improve your immune system.*

Benefits of Alkaline pH Booster Drops

High pH alkaline water with the pH Booster Drops from Alkalife® provides tangible benefits that you cannot expect from regular drinking water from the tap or bottle. High pH alkaline water helps restore your body’s ideal pH balance, improves your energy levels and resiliency, fights off signs of aging, and delivers the powerful benefits of hydration (because it is more hydrating than regular water.)*

Keeps You Hydrated

Alkaline water with pH Booster Drops helps you be well-hydrated by helping your body maintain the fluid balance both within and outside the cells.* The National Council on Aging has listed 10 health benefits of hydration.

Helps Generate Energy

With regular use of alkaline water with pH Booster Drops, your body’s energy production levels will be optimized, enabling you to fully utilize your muscles.*

Maintains Homeostasis

Alkaline water with pH Booster Drops directs bicarbonates to the bloodstream, which enables organs to maintain pH levels and maintain homeostasis (the equilibrium between physiological processes).*

Delays Aging Effects

pH Booster Drops let you gain the benefits of anti-aging through the elimination of toxins and acidic waste and promotion of cellular function.*

Strengthens Immune System

With continued use of pH Booster Drops in alkaline water, you may become less prone to infections and degenerative diseases and recover faster from physical activity.*

Alkalife® pH Balance® (pH Tablets)

Alkalife® pH Balance® holds the distinction of being the only alkaline tablet to have received a US patent. This formulation combines the power of sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate in a single tablet form along with a time-release compound. The unique enteric coating of each tablet ensures that the tablet does not get dissolved in the stomach (where the stomach acids can damage it.)

The pH Balance® tablets dissolve slowly in the intestines to ensure the maximum absorption of its key ingredients (bicarbonates) into the bloodstream for best results. Daily use of pH Balance® tablets is akin to recharging your life batteries to maintain healthy bicarbonate levels in the blood.* The acid neutralizing benefits of both sodium and potassium bicarbonate work in unison to deliver robust health and wellness benefits.*

Health Benefits of pH Balance® Tablets   

Numerous vital chemical reactions and enzymes in the human body require an optimal pH level to work well. Therefore, a seemingly minor change in the body’s pH levels can have an amplified impact on various body functions. This is where appropriate and continued use of pH Balance® tablets can help maintain proper pH levels in the body for optimal bodily function and performance.*

Rather than depend on dietary sources to maintain the delicate pH balance in the body, it is prudent to use pH Balance® tablets, which will provide the precisely measured value and remove the guesswork from this vital aspect of everyday health. Research has shown that use of alkaline tablets may contribute to several health benefits, such as:

  • Increased resistance to infections and diseases*

  • Reduced inflammation*

  • Anti-aging effects*

  • Improved athletic performance*

  • Detox and general wellness benefits*

The Power of pH Balance® Ingredients

Sodium bicarbonate, a key ingredient in Alkalife® pH Balance® tablets, works as an acid neutralizing agent. It's commonly used as a medication to provide relief from high stomach acidity levels and fight stomach ulcers. This compound is also known to lower lactic acid levels and help improve fitness and athletic performance.

In some cases, sodium bicarbonate may also be helpful in combating serious medical conditions, such as kidney disease.* Potassium bicarbonate, the other potent ingredient in pH Balance® tablets, is a micronutrient mineral considered vital for bones, muscles, and heart health.* As an alkaline agent, potassium bicarbonate also helps reduce uric acid build-up in the body.*

Being completely natural ingredients, both sodium and potassium bicarbonate are safe and harmless as long as it is used in recommended dosage and form.

Take Charge of Your Mental Performance and Overall Wellness with Alkalife® Products*

Get ready to unlock your full brain potential and work towards your goals of maximum health and wellness with high-quality Alkalife® products.* All our products are available online. If you are a first-time buyer, we make your purchase decision easier by offering a 30-day free return on your first purchase, if you do not feel satisfied with the product.

For greater savings on our products, choose our recurring subscription model. If you have any questions or concerns or wish to learn more about how our products can help you, please fill out this online contact form today.