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Alkalife®pH Booster Drops (Pack of three)

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Do you want to experience extraordinary health and wellness? Do you want to reach your fitness and weight loss goals? Alkalife provides you with a daily dose of alkaline mineral supplementation that promotes peak bodily performance and ultimate well-being.

Just a few drops of Alkalife® turns ordinary drinking water into high pH alkaline water! What does this mean for your body? You reap the benefits of anti-aging through improved cellular function and removal of acid waste buildup. You become less susceptible to both infectious and degenerative disease. You even experience more energy throughout the day and quicker recovery from physical activity. In short, you give your body what it needs to achieve extraordinary health and longevity. Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

One bottle of Alkalife makes 360 glasses of high pH alkaline water. 3 bottles, a 6-month supply.

Shake well, remove cap, and gently squeeze three drops into a glass with 8 o 10 oz of water. Stir before drinking