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The original pH booster for an alkaline body
Remove acidic waste and promote health and longevity with Alkalife's patented formula

The Science of Alkalife

sang whang 48x48 Alkaline Water by AlkalifeScientist and inventor Sang Whang founded Alkalife after discovering the health benefits of alkaline water for the human body.

Two decades later, the Alkalife line of products is now sold all over the world as the leading brand of alkaline water boosters.

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Read Our Blog

Blog icon Alkaline Water by AlkalifeHere you’ll find articles and resources about alkalinity and the human body. Learn why elimination of acidic waste is so beneficial.

Discover the scientific facts and understand the truths about alkaline water and the long term health benefits of higher bodily pH levels.

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Alkalife News

globe icon Alkaline Water by AlkalifeAre you looking for news stories about Alkalife? Here you will find press releases and articles about our company and products.

Visit our news page to find event announcements and information about our partners, distributors and retailers.

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Additional News and Resources

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Note: Alkalife is designed to deliver bicarbonate to the blood. Bicarbonate helps the body remove acidic waste. Alkalife products have no nutritional or medicinal value. They are not intended to cure any diseases.