The Benefits of Alkaline Water for the Heart Health

October 25, 2021 3 min read

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While shopping at your local grocery store, you might have spotted alkaline water bottles while strolling through the aisles. If you think they aren’t much different from regular water because it looks the same, you’d be wrong; alkaline water's health benefits make it stand out. Alkaline water has numerous differences from typical bottled water, most notably being its distinct pH level. pH is a measure of how many hydrogen ions something has, with high concentrations being more acidic while low concentrations make the solution less acidic, known as basic. 

Alkaline water has less of these hydrogen ions than regular types, making its pH level higher as a result. The reason why it’s more basic is that alkaline water likeAlkalife® has ingredients mixed into it, such as minerals like calcium. Because of these traits, alkaline drinks can be beneficial to the health of one’s heart.* Here are several alkaline water’s heart benefits and why they’re essential for a healthy lifestyle.

*Drinking Alkaline can Lower Cholesterol

One alkaline water health benefit is that the drink has the potential to decrease cholesterol levels. Because cholesterol can accumulate in the walls of blood arteries, it can cause several cardiovascular problems such as coronary heart disease. But by drinking alkaline water, some have found that their cholesterol levels decreased, which can reduce the chances that they suffer from any dangerous heart problems.

*Alkaline Water may Reduce Blood Pressure

Another way people can benefit from drinking alkaline water is that it can possibly reduce higher blood pressure.* High blood pressure can create many problems that can impact one’s health, such as:

  • Heart attacks due to blocked blood vessels
  • Heart failure because the workload enlarges the heart
  • Peripheral artery disease, or the narrowing of the arteries
  • Stroke as a result of high blood pressure in the brain
  • And other serious conditions

While drinking alkaline water does not outright prevent or cure these severe problems, the minerals that the liquid provides can help to reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.*

*Alkaline Water Helps the Body Absorb Minerals

One of the most vital benefits of drinking alkaline water is that it provides many crucial minerals to the heart, bloodstream, and other important parts of the body.* Here are three of these minerals, calcium, magnesium, and sodium, and how they can help those who drink alkaline water.

Calcium Benefits

Calcium is an essential mineral for many of the body’s functions, including the heart and blood—specifically, calcium assists with the blood coagulation process and heart contractions. Because the high pH of alkaline water lets the body absorb more nutrients, those who drink it can receive more calcium in their system as a result.*

Magnesium Benefits

Another alkaline water health benefit is the additional magnesium it provides. Magnesium works together with calcium, as it helps relax muscles after they contract.* This trait means that having enough magnesium is vital for healthy heartbeats, as, without it, the calcium might overstimulate the heart. As a result, this can create high blood pressure.

Sodium Benefits

Though large quantities of sodium aren’t healthy for the heart, it still plays a role in maintaining a healthy body. It can regulate blood pressure as well as its volume!*

To order alkaline products, check outAlkalife® pH booster drops. Contact Alkalife® today and begin enjoying the benefits of alkaline water!

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