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Good Health Is A Journey, Not A Destination…

Three decades ago, scientist, inventor, and Reverse Aging author Sang Whang developed Alkalife® , the first pH water booster for the human body after researching health issues related to high levels of acid in the body. Today, Alkalife® continues to be the leading brand of alkaline enhancers and remains the top choice of wellness experts and health enthusiasts around the world. Before founding Alkalife® , Mr. Whang battled a number of health ailments, including high blood pressure, that forced him to take medication daily. One day a friend gave him a water ionizer and suggested he make drinking alkaline water a part of his daily routine.
After only 30 days, Sang Whang discovered his high pressure had significantly lowered to the point where he no longer needed medication. Unsatisfied with merely accepting this phenomenon without an explanation, he began conducting experiments in an effort to fully understand the health benefits of alkaline water. In addition, due to the fact that water ionizers are bulky and expensive devices, he set out to create an easy and economical alternative. As a result, Alkalife® was introduced as the first alkaline water booster drops. And though there are imitators, Alkalife® remains the original and most effective, as well as the only pH booster awarded a U.S. patent.


In 2019, Alkalife® was acquired by American scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Richard Natrillo. Although he had launched many successful products in the past, Mr. Natrillo found Alkalife® to be exceptional in its ability to help users — like himself — reach fitness and weight loss goals and experience extraordinary health and wellness. Realizing the distinct, one-of-a-kind benefits of Alkalife® , Mr. Natrillo sought to bring this unique product to a more global audience. He developed strategic partnerships across the world to promote Alkalife® , including in Asia, Africa, Europe, India, the Caribbean, U.K, and South Pacific. In fact, the product is now available in six of seven continents across the globe. Mr. Natrillo also increased Alkalife® sales across all distribution networks under his direction and auspices — but his legacy and lasting impression on the Alkalife® brand wouldn’t end there.

In 2020, Mr. Natrillo invented a brand-new product that he added to the already successful Alkalife® line — a nootropic product, Alkalife® *Brain Performance Plus™. *Brain Performance Plus™ is the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance product and nootropic supplement. Mr. Natrillo formulated Alkalife® *Brain Performance Plus™ to support overall brain health, helping users to maximize their cognitive potential. This brain supplement's fast-acting formula is designed to fuel cognition, focus, and concentration in adults; when used over time, Alkalife® *Brain Performance Plus™ helps improve memory as well.

Richard Natrillo: CEO of Alkalife

As a business owner and an aging adult, I noticed that the ability to concentrate and stay focused for long periods of time was diminishing.

However, my education in neurobiology led me to research ingredients that were effective in increasing neuronal activity and could be used in the over-the-counter supplement market. These ingredients were present in some of the brain enhancing supplements that I tried; but the dosages were vastly insufficient.

I formulated a supplement that in one serving could offer the highest quality all natural ingredients and dosages that were clinically studied to be effective in all functioning areas of the brain. And then I made it even better by adding an alkaline formula that not only can improve the functioning of our organ systems; but would significantly improve the bioavailability of each ingredient. We spend money on the quality of the product, not on huge advertising budgets.


The popularity and efficacy of Alkalife® pH products and Alkalife® *Brain Performance Plus™ have paved the way for further growth and expansion in 2021 and beyond. Mr. Natrillo plans to develop a full line of additional nootropic supplements as well as a sleep and refresh product and a metabolism-enhancing product. Not only that, but the company looks to partner with other pH-related skincare products to build upon and continue the success of Alkalife® pH drops and pH tablets. In fact, several new skincare and beauty products are planned to roll out soon, including pH-enhanced cleansers, serums, and complementary accessories.

Our Commitment to Quality

Manufacture Process — At Alkalife® , our supply chain is second to none. We proudly manufacture our products in a FDA registered facility located the United States. Our facility has the highest standards and has been recognized with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification.

Ingredients & Sourcing Standards — All of our nootropic supplement ingredients are sourced for the highest quality and efficacy. We source our raw ingredients through a consistent network of suppliers to ensure consistency, quality, and potency through each production run. Each material that enters the facility must go through a series of tests to ensure purity and potency, heavy metals and microbials all match the Certificate of Analysis provided by our suppliers. Even though all materials are tested prior to production, upon completion of production, the supplement goes through additional testing to ensure all proper label claims are met as well as a final quality control evaluation.

For more information on any Alkalife® pH or Alkalife® *Brain Performance Plus™ products and supplements, contact us today!