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Our alkaline tablets are made from sodium and potassium, which are two of the most abundant elements in the human body. It is very safe to use.

Our alkaline tablets, which are for sale online through our website, are a much better choice for your budget compared to bottled water. A bottle of water could easily cost $1-$2 each. Meanwhile, our tablets are a significantly cheaper alternative.

Since several enzymes and chemical reactions in the body work best at a particular pH level, a minor change in pH can have profound effects on bodily function. The pH level at which your body functions optimally is around 7.4

Various studies have shown that alkaline tablets may be linked to a number of health benefits ranging from anti-aging properties, improved resistance to diseases, and even improved performance for athletes. Additionally, alkaline tablets detoxify and support wellness and may reduce inflammation.

pH Tablets

A healthy human body has a strict pH balance somewhere between 7.35 to 7.45 in the blood. Our lungs and kidneys play a decisive role in maintaining recommended pH levels. If these two major organs start failing, the body's pH balance also gets affected significantly.

Things can also go in the opposite direction- if the body’s pH balance goes out of equilibrium due to other external factors, it has a deleterious effect on general health. Diabetes is often a key causative factor for pH imbalance in the body.

Increasing the dietary intake of alkaline substances may help maintain ideal pH levels in your body. A balanced alkaline diet can include soy and tofu, fresh vegetables, potatoes, fruits, yogurt, beans, lentils, and spices like mustard and nutmeg.

There are other simple ways to up the alkaline intake as well. One option is to improve the pH level of your drinking water using alkaline solutions. Yet another effective solution for proper pH levels are pH tablet supplements.

What are the pH Tablets from Alkalife®?

There are mainly two kinds of pH tablets, depending on the intended use case. If you do a Google search for "pH tablets" you will probably see a lot about freshwater aquariums and fish tanks. These are pH tablets used to maintain ideal pH levels in your aquarium water.

Like us humans, fish also thrive in a positive pH environment. The ideal range for proper pH in aquarium water is anywhere between 6.0 to 9.0, depending on the fish species. And since local tap water in most areas suffers from low pH, aquarium enthusiasts use tetra correct pH tablets to ensure a healthy environment.

But we are talking about human health here, not the fish! Our focus is on consumable, food-grade pH tablets available in supplement form. It is a convenient way to improve the alkaline intake in our busy lives.

Alkalife® pH Balance is a specially formulated alkalizing tablet for adults seeking to improve their pH levels for better health and wellness and prevent harmful fluctuations.

The Main Ingredients in pH Tablets

Alkaline pH tablets keep things simple and to the point with a dual-ingredient formulation. Each pH tablet is made up of the following compounds:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate 75mg

  • Potassium Bicarbonate 206mg

The tablets are enteric-coated, and time-released, which is crucial for the overall efficiency of the supplement. Enteric coating protects the tablets from the corrosive effects of stomach acids. Without the coating, the pH tablet would get immediately neutralized by the acids.

Thanks to the protective coating, the tablet will pass through the gut into the lower intestines, where the alkaline salts are safely absorbed at a slow pace. Due to this design, you only need three tablets, one after each meal, to receive the alkalizing benefits across an entire day.

Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has a tremendous capacity to neutralize acids. It is a common medicine used to counter stomach ulcers and high levels of acidity. Some studies also indicate that the intake of sodium bicarbonate may improve fitness and exercise performance and reduce lactic acid.

As a fully natural compound, sodium bicarbonate is largely harmless and safe to use. In some instances, it may also help our body in the fight against severe diseases like kidney disease.

Benefits of Potassium Bicarbonate

The alkaline mineral is commonly available as a health supplement since it is approved by the FDA as safe for human consumption (except for pregnant women). Potassium is a micronutrient mineral essential for cardiac health, stronger muscles, and healthy bones.

If your body is low in Potassium salts, it could suffer from weakness and muscle cramps, fatigue, and other forms of gastric distress. As an alkaline substance, potassium bicarbonate is also effective in reducing the build-up of uric acid in the body.

Why Use pH Tablet Supplements?

Although our body is largely alkaline, (apart from the acids in the stomach), we are constantly bombarding it with highly acidic substances. The vast majority of the things we eat and drink are highly acidic in nature.

Processed meats, high-sodium snacks, eggs, cheese, some grains, and salt all increase the acid levels in the body. If you want to avoid drastic pH changes due to an unhealthy and imbalanced diet, taking pH tablets may be an effective option.

Further, due to the weakening effects of aging on the body, the level of antioxidant production slows down in our cells. This can lead to cognitive issues in the brain as well as a constant feeling of malaise and general fatigue.

Although pH tablets do not contain antioxidants, the minerals can have a positive effect on antioxidant activity in your body. They can help remove harmful free radicals and aid the detoxification of the body.

pH Tablets from Alkalife® - The Smarter Choice

These days there is a growing awareness of the importance of an alkaline diet. Unfortunately, many of the popular options available in the market are not affordable or practical. For best results, you need daily alkaline supplementation. But buying alkaline water bottles in bulk can become extremely expensive.

Alkalife® pH tablets present an equally effective alternative at a much lower price point. Our pH tablets cost only a fraction of what you would pay for a month's supply of alkaline water. And this supplement is also very easy to use - just take one pill after each meal to receive the healing and rejuvenating benefits of Sodium and Potassium.

The accurately measured dosage on each tablet also takes the guesswork out of the equation. both Sodium and Potassium are vital nutrients that are safe for the body, as long as you restrict daily uptake to FDA recommended pH levels. With premeasured Alkalife® pH, you get the correct pH tablets for daily benefits.

Alkalife® pH Balance tablets are easily available online. On your first purchase, we offer a 30-day free return policy if you are unsatisfied with the product in any way. And if you want more tablets and higher savings, opt for a recurring subscription model!