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November 03, 2019 3 min read

Are you acidic or alkaline? Chronic acidosis is an extremely common condition affecting many in the United States and other modern westernized societies. When our bodies experience pH imbalance, many health-related issues begin to have a negative effect on our well-being. These conditions may include fatigue, loss of bone formation, inflammation, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, accelerated aging and degenerative illness in general. While diet and exercise help, one of the best ways to combat acidosis and keep bodily pH balanced is through regular consumption of high pH alkaline water.

What are the causes of acidosis? Here we discuss ten ways your body can reach a state of pH imbalance and deteriorating health. Many, if not all, of these causes listed are a consequence of our modern lifestyles. The good news is they are controllable, and a proper regimen of good diet and alkaline water intake can help set you on the path to alkalinity and good health!*

1. Oversized portions

Even alkaline foods produce ash in the body from the act of processing, leaving acid waste in the body. Modern food portions are often excessive compared to what the body needs for normal function.

2. High fat animal proteins

If it burns, it consumes oxygen. All meat from animals have fat, breaking down into acid waste when digested. Animal proteins also take a high amount of hydrochloric acid to break down in the stomach.

3. CO2 carbonated drinks

Carbon dioxide is a waste product that our lungs work to exhale. Would you typically consume waste products? Most sodas contain phosphoric acid which can degrade bone mass.

4. Stress

Stress and anxiety cause a chemical reaction of several different acids in the body, including hydrochloric acids that can cause ulcers.

5. Lack of rest

Our rest period is the time our body removes CO2 most efficiently. Lack of rest can increase carbonic acid in the blood.

6. Alcohol consumption

Once again, if it burns, it consumes oxygen. The feeling of dizziness from alcohol is actual a depletion of oxygen to the brain, killing brain cells. Suffocation is not a normal activity for feeling better about life. Since we only use 10% of our brain, we should be more careful.

7. Eating too quickly

Most people don’t even realize when they have eaten enough, because they are eating too fast. This often leads to obesity. Remember that it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that it has had enough.

8. Processed foods

Many inorganic acids come from processed foods including sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid which are destructive to bone mass.

9. Dehydration

Although the daily requirement for water is not easy to determine, generally the average male should intake about 3 liters or 100 ounces of water, while a woman should intake about 2.5 liters or 85 ounces of water daily. These quantities must take into consideration weight and temperature of your surroundings. Drinking alkaline water with a pH higher than 9 is preferable to reduce acid waste.*

10. Intense Exercise

Yes, exercise is extremely valuable for the human body! But did you know it produces lactic acid which builds up around the muscles that are being stressed? Lactic acid is the acid that causes the cramping after the workout. Drinking alkaline water and using a far infrared heat source or sauna will breakdown the acid.*

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