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Why Hydration Is Still Important During Fall And Winter

October 21, 2022 10 min read

Why Hydration Is Still Important During Fall And Winter - Alkalife

Do you sometimes feel tired for no reason? Does your body ache? Do your muscles cramp at times? Are you sleeping too much? Are you carrying around extra weight you'd like to lose? Are you frustrated because your skin looks dull and lifeless, or has blemishes? Do you just feel run down?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may not be drinking enough water to stay hydrated on a daily basis. And drinking justanyliquid (like high-energy drinks or soda) doesn’t count!

Water is as important to us as the very air we breathe. It is the largest single component in the human body, after all. Water accounts for about 40–70% of normal body mass, depending on age and gender. In this post, we explore the importance of staying hydrated throughout the year and how enhanced alkaline water benefits your health with every sip.

What Is Hydration?

Hydration refers to the body’s capacity to absorb water, which is influenced by how much of it is available. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs fluid to regulate temperature, lubricate joints, and eliminate waste.

According to H.H. Mitchell in theJournal of Biological Chemistry, the heart and brain are about 73% water; the lungs are about 84% water; kidneys and muscles are around 79% water; skin is about 65% water, and our bones are over 30% water.

It's also been shown that a person’s water content varies with age and health: a newborn baby is around 78% water; this drops to 65% by the age of one. An average adult female is roughly 55% water, while a male is about 60%. An elderly person might be around 50% water. There is not as much water in someone who is overweight or obese because body fat does not contain much water.

It’s easy to see that the healthier you are, the more water your body contains. Ensuring you are fully hydrated is a really positive step toward vitality and longevity.

Since water is such an essential component of our bodies, the consequences of not drinking enough water are predictably severe. Drinking too little water throughout the day may lead to headaches, dizziness, lethargy, muscle cramps, nausea, and more.

Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Fall & Winter

It’s common for people to become less intentional about their water consumption once the weather turns cooler. People tend to sweat less in the fall and winter so they feel less thirsty. The fewer physical and visual cues they get, the less water they drink. 

However, that doesn’t mean staying hydrated is any less important in colder temperatures. As we mentioned earlier, not drinking enough water can have an adverse impact on your health, regardless of the weather. Here’s why you should be as committed to drinking water in cooler temperatures as you are during the scorching summer:

Keep Your Skin Soft

Water moisturizes and nourishes the skin as it plumps the skin cells and helps them regenerate effectively, giving you a youthful and glowing appearance. Dry, cold air can wreak havoc on your skin. There’s a reason why supermodels list drinking water as one of the most important beauty rituals!

Furthermore, water will keep your lips moisturized so they won’t be dry, flaky, or chapped as the weather turns cold. And remember, the indoor heating air can be very drying on the skin as well. Keep sipping water throughout the day for plumper, softer skin and smooth lips.

Lose Weight Without Heavy Exercise*

As days get shorter and leaving the warm cocoon of the blanket becomes harder, you might become less physically active. This can pose a problem if you’re trying to lose weight.

Multiple studies have found that dieters who increase their water intake lose the most amount of weight. Water has a calorie-burning ability that researchers call “water-induced thermogenesis”. It’s the idea that drinking water boosts the energy that your body works to burn.

Water can suppress your appetite as well. We now know that people who drink a glass of water before a meal lose more weight than people who don’t. Drinking water first will make you eat less because it will fill you up. You will snack less as you won’t mistake thirst for hunger. 

Fight Your Seasonal Allergies More Effectively

Pumpkin flavoring and holiday fever are not the only things that come with fall. For people suffering from seasonal allergies or hay fever, fall can be a particularly hard time as pollen count reaches an all-time high.

If you have allergies, asthma, or even just a common cold, drinking water will replenish the fluid your body loses through your eyes and nose. It can flush out your system and keep your eyes and nose moist in order to protect them. Drinking hot water instead of dairy milk can also help reduce cough and mucus buildup.

Stay Warmer

Your body’s priority in winter months is to keep itself warm. It instinctively takes the warm blood from the extremities (hands and feet) and redirects it towards your core (heart, lungs, and other organs). This is why some people have shockingly cold hands and feet in winter.

Cold weather makes the whole blood viscosity thicker and the vessels contract, thus slowing down circulation. Drinking plenty of water dilutes the blood and improves its flow, which helps send warmth throughout the body.


Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Although normal drinking water generally is beneficial, alkaline water is more efficient at hydrating the body, and may have some other benefits as well.* Alkaline water is water with a neutral pH rating above 7. Howeverstudies show, the best health benefits come from water at 9–10 on the pH scale. The pH enhancement can be the result of natural spring water or tap water. The best way to find out if you have natural alkaline water is to test it.

Alkalized water is ionized water, meaning it is made up of smaller molecules so our bodies can absorb the hydration more easily. Ionizing water also gives magnesium and calcium present a negative charge, which helps the body recognize them as more absorbable. The negative charge of the extra electron acts as a natural antioxidant as well and may have the potential to neutralize free radicals within the body.*

What exactly can alkaline water do for your health and well-being? In a nutshell, the benefits of alkaline water sum up to vitality, longevity, and great looks.* Let’s discuss this further:  

It Balances Your pH Level for Overall Good Health*

The human body functions best in a slightly alkaline environment, particularly at a pH level of 7.365 or higher. The majority of diseases and health conditions that people suffer from are the result of eating too much acid-forming food. Some of the most common acid-formers are:

  • Dairy products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Fast food
  • Processed snacks like chips
  • Soda
  • Refined (white) pasta and rice
  • Trans fats (hydrogenated vegetable oil)
  • Sweets, pastries, and other “added-sugar” foods and drinks
  • Salty foods and most sauces and condiments

Drinking alkaline water helps balance the body's pH level to stave off diseases and maintain vitality.* Alkaline water is able to flush out acids and toxins and energize the immune system to wage an effective battle against disease and infection.*

It Helps You Maintain Your Ideal Weight*

It’s a well-documented fact that your body cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger. You feel a sensation in your stomach and you think you’re hungry, but often, you are just thirsty. That’s why people tend to overeat if they are dehydrated.

If you want to shed those extra pounds or maintain your current body weight, drinking alkaline water is a great start.* It will keep your body well-hydrated so you won't feel a false hunger sensation.*

It Keeps You Energized*

Modern living is like driving in the fast lane all the time. People need energy to keep up. Unfortunately, most people usually fall for the caffeine-stuffed, sugar-laden, toxin-laced pseudo-energizers that take a toll on their health. 

If you’re not consuming enoughhigh-quality water, you'll still be dehydrated by over 5%. In fact, research shows that 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated. When you fall below the level of ample hydration even by just 5%, you lose about a quarter to a third of your normal energy potential!

The truth is, drinking enough good-quality water, especially if it's alkaline water, makes you feel good inside and out.* Those who are not well-hydrated tend to experience the following conditions, among others:

  • Loss of focus
  • Diminished concentration
  • Headache
  • Food binges (overeating)
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of motivation
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Slow metabolism

These conditions alone can cause underperformance at work or underachievement in school.

If you instead drank alkaline water at regular intervals to stay hydrated and energized, you could avoid these downfalls!*

It Gives You Glowing, Healthy Skin*

Great skin radiates from the inside out. Keeping your body optimally hydrated is the secret to perfect, flawless skin – not those exorbitantly priced creams and lotions. Poorly-hydrated skin not only leads to dry and scaly skin, but can also contribute to pimples, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

If you maintain proper hydration, your body will not be forced to reduce the water supply to your skin in order to sustain the function of primary organs like the brain and the heart. Also, water is an essential component of all body cells, including skin cells, for proper blood circulation, nutrient assimilation, and toxin flushing.  

It Helps Slow the Effects of Aging* 

People age faster than they should because of too much acidity and dehydration. Aging occurs with the buildup of wastes and toxins generated by the body itself. As you get older, you experience issues like acid reflux more frequently because of the built-up deposits of waste from the body’s internal processes.

You can practically slow down the aging process by taking certain steps, including making an effort to drink alkaline water.* The hydrogen ions in alkaline water are effective antioxidants that battle free radicals and enable your body to detoxify.*

7 Best Ways to Stay Hydrated

Even knowing how important hydration is, a lot of people find it challenging to drink enough water. To guide you through this healthy habit, here are our top tips:

Set Hourly Reminders

If this sounds a bit annoying, think of it this way: something as significant as staying well-hydrated in order to stay energized, live healthily and avoid disease is worth a small interruption to your day.

With the current state of technology, your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch can be set to remind you that you need to drink your alkaline water.  Do this hourly during your regular waking hours. This means taking a break and consuming alkaline water wherever you are when your reminder sounds.  Remember, you are developing a habit so be strict about it.

Replace Your Usual Fluids with Alkaline Water

If you are addicted to coffee, soda, or energy drinks, strive to substitute alkaline water when you have an urge for your drink of choice. Consider replacing your morning tea or coffee with lime- or lemon-alkalized water. It’s not only healthy but will save you money too. 

Keep a Bottle or Jug of Water at Your Workstation/Study Desk

This tip is applicable for people who sit at a desk for extended hours and may not find it easy to take water breaks every hour. Have a bottle always ready at your workstation. Drinking enough every hour gives you the energy to get through the workday and still be able to enjoy the evening. Seeing the drinking vessel on your desk serves a reminder that you need to drink.

Use a Fancier Water Bottle/Jug

Our minds are easily bored. And what's even more boring than plain water? A plain old plastic water bottle. Buying a reusable water bottle that you want to carry with you is half the battle in convincing yourself to hydrate. Find a bottle with a fun graphic that makes you smile or a practical one with a built-in tabulator to help you keep track of how much you've drank.

Eat Spicier Food

When you eat food with red chili peppers, not only will you drink more water as you eat, but the chili peppers will also speed up your metabolism. Talk about a win-win! You don’t have to go all out on the spiciness; just add a little chili sauce to a dish or top your food with some chili flakes. You could also indulge yourself in a piping hot curry!

Carry Alkaline Water Everywhere

Hourly reminders won’t do you any good if you find yourself without the alkaline water you need! The best solution for this potential problem is to always have alkaline water on hand wherever you go. A very convenient way to do this is to carry Alkalife® pH Booster Drops™ with you. All you need to do is put a few drops in the glass or bottle of water you’re drinking.

If you usually travel by car, it is always wise to keep a bottle of water in your car. If you usually travel by public transportation, make sure you have a bottle in your bag/briefcase.

Make Water More Interesting

If you find normal drinking water tastes a little bit plain and you’d like to make the flavor more, well,flavorful, there are things you can add to the water.

Try squeezing some lime or lemon into the water, to give it a zesty refreshing flavor. You can freeze fruit (strawberries, raspberries, pineapple slices, etc.) and keep on hand to place in your water. Or simply slice up some fresh fruit and let it infuse into the water overnight in the refrigerator.

For a very different refreshing taste, you can add some mint leaves and a squeeze of lime to the water as a non-alcoholic version of a mojito. Fresh ginger is another healthy choice; just grate some into cold or hot water for that health boost. And of course, sliced cucumber is a time-tested, popular addition. 


Order Alkalife® pH Booster Drops™ Today

The easiest way to stay hydrated with alkaline water is to keep a stock of alkaline drops, like Alkalife® pH Booster Drops™, in order to make your own from tap water or bottled water. Buying pre-made alkaline water is less beneficial since the extra hydrogen (the very thing that makes it effective) is no longer active past the first 24 hours.

If you don’t have enough the time or the budget to prepare fresh alkaline water using ionizers, Alkalife® pH Booster Drops™ are the perfect solution. We have united the effects of two alkaline compounds:

  • Potassium hydroxide; and
  • Sodium hydroxide

Alkalife® pH Booster Drops™ give you the best and highest quality alkaline water.*Adding a few drops of this formula to your water cleanses it of acids, bacteria, toxins, and other harmful substances commonly found in non-ionized water.Staying hydrated with alkaline water can aid in effective detox, optimized metabolism, weight loss, weight maintenance, and other body processes.*

Click here to place your order today. If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to call us at 305-235-5120 or leave a message here.

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