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As a business owner and an aging adult, I noticed that the ability to concentrate and stay focused for long periods of time was diminishing. Twelve-to-fourteen-hour days felt like I was pulling all-nighters in college studying for final exams again. One night while peeling through page after page of a contract for a business that I was considering buying, I decided to do some research on nootropic supplements that might help. I tried several products; none were effective.

However, my education in neurobiology led me to research ingredients that were effective in increasing neuronal activity and could be used in the over-the-counter supplement market. I learned that ingredients like Phosphatidylserine and Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline which pass the blood-brain-barrier were effective in stimulating key areas of the brain that are responsible for improved memory, focus, concentration, even accuracy, and analytical reasoning. These ingredients were present in some of the brain-enhancing supplements that I tried, but the dosages were vastly insufficient. 

Many times, the dosage was undetectable because the amount was hidden behind something called a proprietary formula. I knew then that I could formulate a supplement that in one serving could offer the highest quality all-natural ingredients and dosages that were clinically studied to be effective in all functioning areas of the brain. I did that. And then I made it even better by adding an alkaline formula that not only can improve the functioning of our organ systems; but would significantly improve the bioavailability of each ingredient, basically getting more bang for your buck.

I spend my money on the quality of the product, not on huge advertising budgets. In order to guarantee the highest quality, I manufacture in the USA, in a certified FDA facility with the seal of Certified Good Manufacturing Practices. I want you to feel comfortable and confident in my product.

e-Sports & Gamers: Nootropics For Gamers

No one enjoys losing while playing video games- unless you are playing a From Software Game of course! After all, if you haven't died a million times against the AI boss in Elden Ring or Dark Souls, you are not getting the "real" experience.

Jokes aside, gaming is actually a very serious endeavor in these days of competitive eSports tournaments and hotly contested PVP battles. Losing against another player can bring disappointment to serious gamers. And it can get really frustrating if it was due to entirely avoidable mistakes like lack of focus.

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Game at the Next Level - FAQ

Our nootropic for gamers can improve your mental focus*, alertness*, and analytical thinking*, making it perfect for long grinds* and e-Sports tournaments that require you to be at your best.*

No. When taken at the recommended doses, all of the ingredients in our product are shown to be safe to use.* While we offer the best and safest nootropics for gamers and e-Sports players, consult your doctor before taking any brain supplements.

Our product is the most advanced and comprehensive mental performance product on the market today*, and it’s perfect for competitive video gamers* and e-sports professionals.* Not only do you get the effects of a range of brain supplements designed to improve the health of both your body and mind*, but you get the additional advantages of an alkalizing formula, allowing for improved delivery and absorption of nutrients through increased bioavailability. Its advanced, scientifically-proven formula is different because it uses with the highest quality clinically recommended dosages of the key ingredients SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine (PS) and AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) at 600mg each, delivering hours of focus, concentration, coordination, and energy.

Besides improved concentration, energy, reaction time, and mental clarity, Brain Performance Plus may help to promote digestion and gut health, improve memory, and reduce anxiety for improved mood.*

o 1st hour: Blood flow to the brain increases, giving you a feeling of calm energy.*

o Hours 1 – 6: enhances focus, attention, concentration and recall memory.*

o Hours 6-8: An increase in BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), activating enzymes to promote gut health, digestion and fight off the midday slump.*

o Hours 8-12: Still feeling the benefits from increased blood flow to the brain and activated neurotransmitters, you carry the feeling of calm energy through the last hours of the workday.*

o 3-months of continued usage has been shown in multiple studies that improvements in short and long-term memory have occurred.*