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Nootropics For Gamers

No one enjoys losing while playing video games- unless you are playing a From Software Game of course! After all, if you haven't died a million times against the AI boss in Elden Ring or Dark Souls, you are not getting the "real" experience.

Jokes aside, gaming is actually a very serious endeavor in these days of competitive eSports tournaments and hotly contested PVP battles. Losing against another player can bring disappointment to serious gamers. And it can get really frustrating if it was due to entirely avoidable mistakes like lack of focus.

For peak gaming performance, you need a mix of the following things:

  • The right gaming setup (PS5/Series X/beefy gaming PC)
  • The best peripherals (high refresh rate monitor, high DPI mouse, etc.)
  • A comfortable chair and table at optimal viewing height/distance
  • An alert and refreshed brain

The last ingredient is often the missing piece of the puzzle for many gamers. They invest thousands of dollars into the best gear, only to ignore the most important tool in a gamer's arsenal - your brain.

The Link Between Gaming Performance And Brain Health

Gaming is mostly a cerebral activity with a high focus on fast reflexes, quick decision-making, and alert eyesight. In elite-level e-Sport matches where most players have the best gear, better cognitive function often determines the winner.

Even amateur gamers can relate to this fact. Sometimes, when you try to play a few more rounds of Fortnite or Warzone after a marathon session, you end up losing abysmally. This is often a direct result of fatigue.

The brain needs rest and is simply unable to react quickly to the things happening on screen. And the longer you extend intense gaming sessions, the more fatigued it gets. Fast-paced games like online shooters, racing sims, and sports sims are most vulnerable to the effects of lower cognitive performance. Those with a better brain are more likely to succeed!

A dip in your cognitive performance can translate into missed shots or delayed actions in live PvP games like Fortnite. If you are more into Madden or NBA titles, you may end up missing promising plays and tactics during a match.

On the flip side, with brain-enhancing nootropic supplements, you may be able to improve your scores and even get a decisive advantage over your online rivals.

Gaming Supplements - Old Vs. The New

Even before the rise of gaming nootropics, hardcore gamers and pros regularly relied on supplements to help them improve cognitive performance. But these cognitive benefits often came at a price.

While improving your cognitive and physical performance in the short term, these older gaming supplements increased the risk of type 2 diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. And the culprit here is caffeine-based energy drinks.

Ever since the early 2000s, many video gamers relied on the energy increase provided by caffeine to enhance cognitive functions. But alongside mega-high doses of caffeine, most energy drinks contain copious amounts of sugar, which is not good for the body.

In contrast, the newer nootropics for gamers come with no such demonstrable side effects or long-term risks. A carefully crafted brain improving supplement can improve your brain function and deliver optimal gaming effect, without pushing blood glucose levels high.

The best nootropics for gaming contain vitamins, minerals, amino acid compounds, and extracts of plants like choline derivatives and bacopa monnieri. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their cognitive-enhancing effects, based on extensive clinical trials.

Brain Supplements For Gaming - Mental Performance Use Cases

  • Natural nootropic supplements are not just for the pros - there are several other scenarios where these brain supplements can make a difference. Let's take a closer look at some of these situations, starting with the most obvious ones:
  • eSports and PvP - losing an online match can be a highly distressing event, thanks to the toxicity among players. Whether you are playing for thousands of dollars in prize money or simple online bragging rights, you need your brain cells to stay awake and active.
  • Streaming/Content Creation - a gaming supplement is not just for peak performance, but also for endurance and stamina. By keeping mental fatigue at bay, nootropics can help you stay on top of your game for hours, while streaming live across platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Also, you need an alert mind to keep your audience engaged and entertained.
  • Single Player Gaming - even casual gamers can benefit from the potent anti-fatigue effects of nootropics. Many open-world modern games require 100+ hours of gaming. If you have a career and family, you may be suffering from mental fatigue even in the precious few hours you can spare for gaming. A gaming supplement can help improve your brain health and give you a better chance at gaming success.

Brain Performance Plus™ - Cognitive Enhancement For Gamers

With all-natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri, Coffee Berry, and Rhodiola, Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is the ideal choice for gamers who need to support their memory consolidation and receive a healthier competitive charge through cognitive enhancers.

The supplement may help you achieve memory formation and cognitive-enhancing effects during your long gaming sessions, through potent antioxidant effects, improved blood circulation, and reduced stress on your brain, central nervous system, and eyes.*

Drinking the alkalizing formula in your favorite juice or water also helps promote hydration, something many gamers forget when they are in front of the screens. You require just one serving of the Brain Performance Plus™ per day to enjoy hours of cognitive-enhancing effects.

Buy and try Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ today and aspire to become the genius gamer you have always wanted to be. If satisfied, you may want to consider subscribing for additional savings. And if by some chance you don't absolutely love the Alkalife® supplement, you can always use our money-back guarantee!