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Who Can Use Nootropics For Focus

older professional taking nootropic supplements

Focus is a critical mental skill that enables an individual to get started on a task (or multiple tasks) without procrastination and then continue to maintain concentration and attention until the task is accomplished. But as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain mental focus and concentration. Seniors and mature adults are likely to struggle more to perform various activities that require focus and concentration.

Even younger people, such as professionals, athletes, gamers, and students often find it hard to maintain focus when the task before them is challenging or complex, or the mind is tired or distracted. This is where Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic may support the efforts to maintain sharp focus and clarity, and successfully complete the task at hand.*

Seniors and Mature Adults

Cognitive decline naturally occurs with age, which may be attributed to increased damage or loss of neurons in the brain. This age-related neuron loss could occur because the oxidant and antioxidant balance in the brain begins to get disrupted as we grow older. A higher level of oxidative stress accompanied by a gradual weakening of the brain’s antioxidant defenses seems to have a role in the lowered functional ability of seniors and mature adults to maintain focus.

Fortunately, certain elements found in nature have been identified over time as powerful agents to combat age-related decline in mental focus and concentration. Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is one of the advanced nootropics containing specific ingredients that may work to promote mental clarity and focus and help in the fight against age-related cognitive decline.*

The unique ingredients in this nootropic may work independently as well as in combination to modulate certain brain pathway activities involving neuromodulators and neurotransmitters that are known to play a vital role in the cognitive function process.*

Natural but powerful nootropic agents in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may also support a person’s ability to focus by triggering blood vessel dilation in the tiny veins and arteries in the brain.* (These blood vessels in the brain may become narrowed or constricted with age, and the natural nootropic agents may help dilate and rejuvenate them.)*

Brain Health Supplements May Enhance Catecholamine Activity

Catecholamines are natural hormones produced in the adrenal glands, brain, and nerve tissues that also operate as neurotransmitters. The primary catecholamine neurotransmitters include dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline. These neurotransmitters are known to play a key role in increasing focus, concentration, awareness, and attention.*

Nootropics such as Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may help in the brain’s natural process to increase catecholamine activity by:

  • Delivering raw precursors of catecholamine

  • Promoting the conversion processes of catecholamine

  • Sharpening the receptor sensitivity of catecholamine

Nootropics May Support Brain Energy Synthesis

Focus in seniors and mature adults may sometimes blur due to faltering brain energy. Among all the body organs, the brain is recognized as the most energy-demanding. It is therefore more sensitive to fluctuations in the body’s energy levels.

Nootropics like Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may assist the body and brain’s natural energy generation pathways leading to improvement in various indirect and direct metabolic cognitive processes, such as mental focus and concentration.*

The risk of brain fatigue or brain burnout increases in proportion to the concentration levels demanded in a particular task. For seniors, this risk is particularly higher. Therefore, optimizing the energy capacity of the brain with nootropics could help in increasing their mental stamina and the consequent ability to focus and pay attention.

Nootropics May Increase Resistance against Stress

While tasks that involve high-intensity concentration and thinking may be more challenging for seniors, another force that may adversely affect their ability to stay focused is mental stress and anxiety. Some of the ingredients in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic may support the brain’s ability to resist the catecholamine-reducing effects of anxiety and stress.*

When the mental stress levels are low, it may also help improve the brain’s “working memory.” This is a form of short-term memory that is considered equivalent to focus because it involves directing the brain’s efforts on only the immediate and relevant task-specific sensory information. Therefore, when seniors use nootropic supplements such as Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, it may support their ability to remain fully focused on the given task.*

How does Brain Performance Plus™ Support Brain Function in Seniors?*

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic contains SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine (PS) in maximum clinical strength. This ingredient is known to support mental performance and memory in seniors, elderly individuals, and aging adults.* Among a wide range of nutrients known to benefit brain health, PS is considered the most impactful, thanks to its excellent safety profile and high efficacy.

Over 60 research studies involving humans have demonstrated the variety of benefits of PS for focus, concentration, learning, word recall, and memory, among other cognitive factors in elderly and middle-aged individuals.

Another important ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ for seniors is Alpha GPC. It is valued for its potential to support alertness, memory, and learning skills.* Several published research papers have supported Alpha GPC for its ability to quickly and substantially elevate the systemic choline, acetylcholine, and cerebral levels for enhanced mental performance.*

All of these vital ingredients in natural nootropics such as Brain Performance Plus™ work together to help improve cognitive function, fight mental fatigue, repair and regenerate brain cells, improve mental function, boost brain function, speed up mental processing, and deliver a host of other cognitive benefits.*


nootropic supplements for athletes

Athletics is not just a test of human endurance, but it also tests an individual’s ability to maintain sharp focus and attention, has quick reaction times, and have a high level of hand-eye coordination. For athletes that like to maintain a healthy flow state (a state of mind when an individual is totally immersed in an activity) and effectively “stay in the zone,” nootropics such as Brain Performance Plus™ may help.*

Many athletes find that with the continued use of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, they are more likely to experience the benefits of greater mental energy and focus in order to complete their grueling physical workouts running into several hours.*

No matter whether you are a weekend fitness enthusiast, a gym regular, or a professional athlete, nootropics such as Brain Performance Plus™ contain multiple ingredients that will support your focus, concentration, and overall mental performance.*

Regular use of this nootropic may not only help in your goal to stay focused and alert throughout the day, but it may also promote your physical accuracy levels and reduce your reaction times for better performance on the field.*

e-Sports Players and Online Gamers

cognitive performance for gamers

Online games, e-sports, and other video gaming activities require a high level of mental focus and concentration. Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic is supportive for gamers who want to perform under pressure and maintain sustained focus and alertness for extended time periods in order to excel in e-sports tournaments and competitive online gaming.*

As one of the most comprehensive and advanced nootropics for mental performance, Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is ideally suited for e-sports professionals and competitive video gamers that depend on alertness, analytical thinking, coordination, and mental focus to be at their best.* The unique alkalizing formula of this nootropic ensures faster nutrient absorption through enhanced bioavailability for quick results.*

Making optimal use of even the most intricate in-game settings and complete gaming gear is essential to achieving superior performance as an online gaming contestant. Both for professional players and casual gamers, Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ can help make every second count, allowing the player to push their mental limits and “overclock” their own minds.*

With this brain performance supplement, you may get the much-needed support to increase your mental focus and concentration, and get into the “flow state” that will let you exceed your own best expectations during the play.* No matter what type of video games or e-sports you might enjoy, Brain Performance Plus™ can help bring out the true gamer in you.*

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

nootropic supplement for professionals

The ability to focus and concentrate on complex tasks during crunch time is what differentiates super successful professionals from their peers. People who wish to get ahead in their careers can greatly benefit from regular use of a high-quality nootropic supplement such as Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™.* Many professionals and business persons experience a noticeable improvement in their focus and concentration levels when they use nootropics.

When you are at your peak in terms of mental focus, concentration, and attention levels, it is likely to set you up for tackling challenging business projects more effectively. Your performance will start showing in the results, and your productivity will increase in demanding, fast-paced, and competitive work environments. Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ supplement can support your ability to analyze complex business situations and make more focused decisions, paving the way for stellar career or business growth.*

Professional or business life is usually packed with daily stressors and frequent ups and downs. Sometimes you may feel you are getting mentally fatigued or may face a slump at work. With Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, you could rise up to the rigors of your profession and stay mentally agile and focused consistently with outstanding results for your career.


Students with high cognitive function

Considering the extraordinary level of competition at colleges and other high-learning institutions, hard work and talent alone may not suffice for many students who want to be at the top of their class. Maintaining focus and concentration are real challenges for students when they have to go through long hours in the classroom as well as study multiple subjects on their own.

Nootropic supplements such as Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ support the students’ efforts to comprehend, analyze, memorize and concentrate on all aspects of their rigorous courses and stay focused under pressure.* They enhance brain power and alertness.* It gets easier to stay attentive and alert throughout a marathon lecture as well as make optimized use of creativity, analytical thinking, and working memory for best results.*

Meeting tough deadlines for class projects, making detailed presentations, and preparing strongly for the upcoming tests – everything gets simpler when you have robust mental clarity and focus. This is where Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ can serve as a powerful brain-enhancing supplement that can help students unlock their real potential and meet their career goals.*

Nootropics for Focus: Sharpen Your Mental Edge* and Focus* with Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is one of the most effective and advanced nootropics that will support your brain function and health, including critical mental functions such as focus and concentration.* The supplement contains the highest quality ingredients that work to modulate different biological processes that help with intracellular signaling, neurotransmission, and various molecular mechanisms.* All of these eventually assist and promote alertness, attention, mental clarity, and focus.*

The innovative alkalizing formula of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ sets it apart from various other nootropics for brain enhancement.* This formulation is composed of:

  • Potassium bicarbonate and carbonate – 430 mg

  • Sodium bicarbonate – 105 mg

  • Magnesium carbonate – 50 mg

The alkaline component in our nootropic supports the absorption of vital nutrients and helps in the removal of toxins and acidic waste from the body.* At the same time, it helps neutralize harmful free radicals, lactic acid buildup, and other acidic components in the blood. This powerful detox supports an increased level of mental energy, alertness, and focus.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about how our products can help you, please fill out this online contact form today.