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7 Signs It's Time to Start Taking Brain Health Supplements

July 22, 2022 9 min read

7 Signs It's Time to Start Taking Brain Health Supplements - Alkalife

Our brain is arguably the most important organ in our entire body. It is the seat of our mind, our memories, our very identity, cognition, and decision-making. Any changes to brain health, whether favorable or adverse, are likely to have a significant impact on our life and work performance.

Even after decades of advanced research, there is plenty that we don’t know about the human brain and how it actually does its job. But with new advances in medicine and technology, we are now making rapid strides. One prominent result of this progress in recent years is the rise of nootropics or brain supplements.

Who should be using brain health supplements? At what age should you start considering supplements for your brain? Are nootropics a more effective way to promote healthy brain function compared to traditional supplements, such as vitamin E, fish oil supplements, and B vitamins? These are the important questions we will answer in this post. But first, a quick introduction to brain dietary supplements.

What Are Brain Health Supplements?

brain supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle


Nootropics, also called brain health supplements, are the “smart drugs” of the future. Crafted from carefully selected ingredients, these supplements have the potential to enhance and improve overall brain health, cognition, and memory capabilities.*

These dietary supplements are not designed to cure any serious ailments like dementia or Alzheimer's disease. However, through their ability to nurture brain health and boost the fight against the effects of aging, nootropics may help our brains resist the early onset of such conditions.*

As the old adage goes, prevention is always better than the cure. And in the modern world, our bodies and brains, in particular, are under attack from unhealthy diets, poor nutrition, and many chemicals due to pollution.

Highly stressful workplace conditions and excessive use of digital screens also play a part. All these can increase the oxidative stress on brain cells, leading to faster aging and increased signs of cognitive decline.

Brain health supplements are designed to help our bodies fight against these novel threats. They use proven ingredients – including familiar ones like vitamins, minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids, along with less familiar ones like ALC, Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC), caffeine, and other herbal extracts – to improve overall brain function and promote healthy brain aging.*

7 Common Signs that Indicate Poor Brain Health

depiction of brain health

Stress, aging, and neurological conditions can all cause a wide range of common symptoms. Over time, these factors can all affect your memory, cognitive function, mental alertness, and overall mood and energy levels.

Since there are many possible symptoms of poor brain function, we will mention some of the more common ones. The symptoms often start in subtle ways and can take years to increase in severity. Here are some of the most common signs of an aging or fatigued brain:

1. Difficulty in Remembering Words and Names

forgetting words

This is often one of the first signs of an aging brain. And you don’t have to wait until your 50s or 60s to start having trouble recalling the right word or name of a celebrity. It can often start right from your late 30s.

In the early stages of age-related memory loss, you can often recall the word or name after a while. This is, unfortunately, a normal symptom of getting older, and brain dietary supplements may help in delaying this or reducing its impact on your daily life.

However, you may need to consult a doctor if you have more severe symptoms. For instance, if you start using the wrong words instead of just having trouble finding a particular word, say “door” instead of “chair,” it may be a sign of something more serious like Alzheimer's disease.

2. Frequently Misplacing Car Keys, House Keys, Remotes, Etc.

looking for lost keys

This is something that happens to people of all ages from time to time. We often forget where we place small but important objects like car keys. It is just that as the brain ages, such instances become more common.

While highly irritating and time-wasting, small instances of forgetfulness are a natural side effect of aging. The good news is that with the memory-enhancing capabilities of brain-boosting supplements, you could potentially reduce the frequency of such incidents significantly.*

Again, these are milder symptoms of aging. A more serious version would be forgetting entire skills altogether, like driving for instance. Another example would be placing your keys in odd places like inside a freezer and forgetting about it. These may require an expert diagnosis of conditions like dementia or Alzheimer's disease.  

3. Work at the Office/School Takes Longer Than Before

Several studies in the past have shown that as they age, bureaucrats in government offices become less efficient at their routine tasks. Cognitive decline due to age can make us feel blunt and dull instead of alert and sharp.

As a consequence, we may start having trouble grasping new information quickly. This slows us down when trying to make important decisions. In a modern workplace, this can have serious consequences for long-term career success even if you do manage to finish tasks.

Students often find it hard to focus on the demanding curricula in modern universities and colleges. Many often find it harder to focus in certain lectures or face trouble absorbing information from textbooks and delivering assignments on time.

This is why many high-functioning entrepreneurs, executives, and students are starting to look at nootropics and biohacking to maintain their edge in the workplace and school. Even though this is a normal sign of aging, you may still be able to keep it at bay using the right kind of dietary supplements.*

If left unattended, you may eventually start having trouble completing routine tasks and even following basic instructions. If things reach this extreme point, you are left with no option but to consult a doctor for further diagnosis and treatment.

4. Harder to Focus on Conversations in Social Settings

Cognition also includes the ability of your brain to accurately process sensory input from your eyes, ears, nose, etc. When we are young and alert, we have no trouble focusing on conversations with others, even in moderately crowded areas or spaces with a lot of background noise (like traffic).

As our brains grow smaller and more sluggish, we may find it harder to focus on what others are trying to tell us. Especially in noisy areas, we find ourselves struggling a bit more to keep our attention on the conversation.

Of course, the reduced hearing ability can also cause something similar. But if you have perfectly functioning ears, this is more related to cognitive issues and brain supplements may be able to improve cognitive function.*

On the flip side, if you cannot follow any conversation at all and get easily distracted all the time by background noises and other sounds, it might be a good idea to consult your doctor.

5. Delays in Making Decisions

It could be anything from picking out an outfit for the office or a party, to selecting a brand of snacks at the supermarket, or something to eat from the menu at a restaurant – with advancing age, we often find it harder to make a quick decision.

A decline in memory and cognitive health is often the likely culprit for this level of indecision. If you can still make decisions but feel that you take more time than before, it might be the right moment to consider some brain supplements.

Take note, however, when you are completely stumped about making small decisions in your daily life. If it becomes impossible to make any decision, it could be a sign of something more serious like dementia and you should consult a doctor.

6. Reduced Reaction Times and Slower Reflexes

This is a side effect of aging that can kick in much faster than most other symptoms already listed. Why do athletes and sportspersons have relatively short careers that end when they hit the 30s or mid-30s?

Even if the body is in peak physical condition, the brain may not be able to keep up. This is why even younger athletes and fitness enthusiasts are starting to rely on nootropic brain supplementation to prolong optimal brain function.*

Fatigue and stress can set in with constant physical and mental activity. The stimulants and anti-oxidants in nootropics could play a vital role in restoring full cognitive function in such instances.* Faster reflexes, better hand-eye coordination, and improved decision-making are all possible with a healthy brain.

7. Low Energy Levels and Inability to Focus

Some days of the week, we just wake up feeling drained of all energy. There is no motivation to get ready for the office or head to the gym for a heavy workout session. Whether you are an executive bound to your desk or a dedicated fitness professional, the effects of a lethargic brain can be catastrophic.

If this happens on a daily basis, you may need to reassess your daily schedule, diet, exercise levels, and sleeping hours. Taking brain-boosting supplements will not hurt and could even help you get things back to a healthy track faster.*

Seniors, students, executives, and athletes are all potential beneficiaries of the cognitive enhancing and stimulating powers of nootropic supplements.

As you may have already gathered from these symptoms, brain and memory supplements may help in dealing with age-related memory loss and mild cognitive impairment, especially in older adults.*

But even younger individuals with a healthy diet and regular exercise can suffer from stress and fatigue in the brain. In such cases, supplements like nootropics can help in improving cognitive function.*

Why Use Brain Health Supplements?

thinking skills

Clearly, brain health is a very complex issue. The symptoms of a stressed brain range from a decline in memory, alertness, decision making, learning ability, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and more. How can a single supplement help with all these issues?

To understand better, we only need to look at the ingredients list of a top product like the Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™. For starters, let us understand what it is: Brain Performance Plus™ is a non-GMO, gluten/peanut/dairy/soy-free, paleo/keto-friendly, and 100% vegan formulation.

The next thing to understand about this brain health supplement is its ingredient profile. This is a carefully designed product, with over 17 specially picked natural and safe ingredients. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose.


Vitamin B6 is essential for the health of neurotransmitters in the brain. It helps maintain energy levels also. Deficiency in this vitamin from your diet can lead to accelerated cognitive decline and dementia.

On the same page, deficiency of Vitamin B12 has been associated with a decline in memory capabilities, especially among older adults. This vitamin is thought to play a key role in preventing the death of neurons in the brain.*

The addition of these vitamins in carefully measured doses can help negate any deficiencies in your existing diet.* Since they are both vital for long-term brain health, they belong to effective brain supplements.*

Amino Acids and Fatty Acids

These are the basic building blocks of proteins in the body. All humans require amino acids for healthy growth and organ function. The brain depends on amino acids for several key functions related to neurotransmitters.

Amino acids can help with everything from memory loss, depression, stress management, cognitive decline, and even the healing of injured brain tissue.* Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L- Theanine are two popular amino acids found in balanced brain supplements like Brain Performance Plus™.

Apart from omega-3 fatty acids, a special class of fatty acids like Phosphatidylserine has shown great promise in reducing mental decline and memory loss, especially among elderly patients.* It has the potential to improve short-term memory, mood, and concentration levels in recommended daily doses.*

Natural Plant Extracts

Many natural chemicals found in medicinal plants have shown remarkable effects on the body and brain function. Beetroot powder could improve brain health by boosting blood flow and oxygen supply.*

Bacopa monnieri or water hyssop is a plant whose extract has been used for centuries in traditional/natural medicine for the treatment of stress, anxiety, and memory improvement.* Ashwagandha extracts may help reduce the aging impact of free radicals on the brain.*

Rhodiola rosea is another plant whose extract may be beneficial in delivering stress relief, improved memory, anti-depressant effect, and energy boosts to the brain.* Coffee is a well-known stimulant that can improve alertness, focus, and energy levels as well.*    

A carefully developed dietary supplement that combines the positive effects of all these ingredients could have a powerful impact on your brain health.* It could work wonders in reducing the oxidative stress from aging on your brain, improving memory, cognition, and focus among other things.* On top of all this, Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ also has another ace up its sleeve.

The Alkalife® Difference

the best supplment to improve memory

Alkalife® is a highly rated nootropics company dedicated to providing the myriad health benefits of pH-enhancing products. Unlike many other brain supplements, the Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ carries the powerful benefits of a unique alkalizing formula. This component helps improve the overall effectiveness of the supplement.

The alkalizing compound in Brain Performance Plus™ increases nutrient absorption, supports the body's detox processes, and may also provide energy enhancement for the brain and increased alertness.* Most importantly, it may reduce the build-up of toxic acid levels in the body to support optimal brain function and prevent potential damage to the brain tissue.*

Alkalife® provides free shipping and a 30-day-money-back guarantee on Brain Performance Plus™ if you are not satisfied with the product. Shop online now to try it for yourself, risk-free!

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