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The Relationship Between Brain Function And Nootropics

July 20, 2022 20 min read

The Relationship Between Brain Function And Nootropics - Alkalife

Nootropics are potent health supplements thought to improve the cognitive functions of our brain, such as memory, thinking, alertness, logic, creativity, executive function, and motivation.* The correlation between nootropics and enhanced brainpower is one of the most promising areas of research today. People using nootropics as brain and cognitive enhancers increasingly report excellent improvements in concentration, sharpness, and overall mental health.*

From entrepreneurs to seniors, to athletes to students to creative thinkers and high achievers in every field, high-quality nootropics may be beneficial for anyone who wishes to maximize their brain’s cognitive potential to the fullest and improve their performance in their respective fields.* With that said, the key to success with the use of nootropics lies in the quality of the ingredients that are included in a particular product.

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ Ingredients May Support Brain Function*

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is one of the most widely trusted nootropics and includes a range of powerful, time-tested ingredients that may support brain function.* Many other nootropic brain supplements hide behind a "proprietary blend", where the precise list of ingredients and dosages are unknown to the consumers. Unlike those other brands, Alkalife® ensures complete transparency about the choice ingredients and clinical strength serving sizes that characterize its effective and fast-acting formula.

Brain Performance Plus™ is based on the first-ever alkaline enhancing formulation that may deliver calmness, mental clarity, and energized focus throughout the day. This formula is second to none when it comes to helping improve cognitive performance.* It's safe, scientifically researched, clinically proven, and doctor and pharmacist endorsed. In this guide, we will explore the relationship between each of the ingredients in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropics and brain function.


AlphaSize® Alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline (Alpha-GPC) is one of the most vital ingredients in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™. It may promote cognitive function and support memory and attention, all while helping to generate robust levels of mental energy.* This cholinergic compound contains extra choline supplementation, which can enhance clarity of thought and mental alertness.*

Alpha-GPC is widely recognized for its properties that may support attention, concentration, focus, and quick reaction time.* The high level of bioavailability of AlphaSize® sets it apart from various other choline products because of its ability to convert to acetylcholine, which is the most critical neurotransmitter in the brain.

The Power of Choline

AlphaSize® A-GPC is unlike any other choline source in terms of efficacy and results on mental performance.*

Alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline is known to increase the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain, a key neurotransmitter. At the same time, it plays a role in mental systems that are related to reward processing and motivation. A research study of 39 participants who were administered the Alpha-GPC treatment revealed higher motivation levels in the treated group compared to the placebo group.

Alpha-GPC serves as a kind of building block for the production of acetylcholine, which drives the brain’s major cognitive tasks, such as learning and memory retention as well as accurate thinking, endurance and rapid reaction time. An increase in choline intake through the use of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may, therefore, support crucial brain functions.*

How Alpha GPC Works

Alpha-GPC is an organic compound that naturally occurs in the brain and promotes the production of acetylcholine. When this compound is supplemented through Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, it dissolves in the bloodstream and easily passes through the blood-brain barrier to deliver the much-needed choline, which is eventually converted into acetylcholine.

Within just one to three hours after the intake of the nootropic supplement, the acetylcholine levels in the brain may experience a significant spike. A daily dose of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may support learning improvements, increase in memory capacity, and even slow down forgetfulness and cognitive decline in some older adults.*

Helps in Fighting Cognitive Decline*

Aging is linked to the weakening of memory and a progressive cognitive decline in many people. Alpha-GPC in Brain Performance Plus™ may hold the potential to protect the brain against rapid cognitive decline, irrespective of the underlying cause of such decline, whether it is Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, seizures, poor blood supply to the brain tissue, brain damage, or simply aging.*

In many of these conditions, the acetylcholine levels get depleted, leading to a variety of cognitive problems. In younger adults, Alpha-GPC helps improve their athletic performance because of its ergogenic properties.* But many young and healthy adults also use nootropics such as Brain Performance Plus™ to enhance mental sharpness, concentration, clarity, and focus.* Alpha-GPC is also known to help in the recovery of brain function in stroke survivors.*

SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a chemical component of the brain cell membrane, which performs the role of promoting nerve growth factors. These growth factors maintain the activity of neurons for healthy memory building. PS is essential to brain function and help increase mental energy by facilitating the circulation of oxygen and vital nutrients needed to nourish brain cells.

Apart from improving memory, PS is known to strengthen learning skills, increase focus and concentration, develop analytical reasoning, and elevate mood levels.* Phosphatidylserine ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ not only supports thinking skills in younger people, but it also helps in the fight against age-related memory decline, cognitive deficits and/or Alzheimer’s disease symptoms.*

Rejuvenation of the Aging Brain

Walking into a room and forgetting why you came there can be a frustrating experience if it occurs frequently. Sometimes the condition may worsen to a level where it may be hard to remember even your name and address at times. These are the typical early signs of age-related memory decline, or even Alzheimer’s disease. SerinAid® PS in Brain Performance Plus™ is a powerful ingredient that could help with these conditions.*

When supplemental PS reaches the bloodstream with the daily dose of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, it can reach the brain to slow down the speed of brain cell deterioration.* Long-term as well as short-term memory formation, the ability to recall or learn information, as well as the capacity to form new memories may be supported with regular use of nootropics with PS ingredients in the right strength.*

SerinAid® Phosphatidylserine may also be associated with improvements in executive functions of the brain, such as attention, planning, organizing, and regulating the emotional balance.* It supports mental flexibility, concentration, focus, reasoning ability, problem solving ability and locomotor functions, such as quick reflexes.*

Combating Stress and Depression

Physiological changes to the brain occurring from a stressful life may contribute to forgetfulness, mental fog, a lack of concentration, anxiety and depression. Chronic stress shrinks the brain tissue, damages brain cells, alters memory function, accelerates brain’s aging, and triggers subtle changes to the hardwiring of the brain.  

SerinAid® PS in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ helps cell membranes of the neurons stay healthy so that they can sustain the damaging impact of stress as well as support the repair of disrupted membranes.* At the same time, PS helps modulate the stress response system in the brain (HPA axis) to soften the effects of stress.* Nootropic supplements containing PS may lower the cortisol response to both physical and mental stress and elevate mood levels.* The supplementation may also reduce the depressive symptoms in people of different age groups.*


Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is known to promote strong mental performance, concentration, learning and mood levels.* This essential ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is a modified form of carnitine, derived from amino acids. It is easily absorbed in various parts of the body, including the brain.

ALCAR supports fatty acid metabolic activity and may help improve different dimensions of brain health, such as neurotransmission, mitochondrial function, and possibly cognitive function.* According to some researchers, ALCAR in dietary supplements can help in slowing down the pace of cognitive decline, particularly in people who are in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or have been diagnosed with MCI (mild cognitive impairment).*    

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ has ALCAR as one of the important ingredients, which might benefit brain health. Apart from regulating the mitochondrial function and improving memory, it may also increase the nerve growth factor (NFG) levels and promote neurotransmitter activity, which is vital to cognitive enhancement and healthy functioning of the brain.*

Improving the Function of Aged Brain

Deficits of cognition, learning and memory are associated not just with the pathological conditions of brain aging (such as, vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease), but also with the normal aging process. According to researchers, neuronal circuit dysfunction is one of the causes of age-associated brain function impairment in various animal species, including human beings. This phenomenon is called the cholinergic hypothesis. Studies have shown that cholinergic parameters such as acetylcholine reduce with age, resulting in a decline in memory and learning ability.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine performs a critical role in replenishing brain energy. But the challenge is that only 50% of the body’s requirement of ALCAR is received from the natural biosynthesis process, while the rest must be obtained through food or other supplementation. Therefore, it may be prudent for many people to choose Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic supplementation to fulfill their daily requirement of ALCAR.

Efficacy of ALCAR: Research Study

ALCAR or acetyl-L-carnitine is an L-carnitine acetyl derivative. The effects of this compound on the learning capacity and memory as well as the synaptic functions of the brain have been studied in research experiments. Results of the laboratory studies indicate that the use of ALCAR compound increases the brain’s synaptic transmission, which in turn, improves the brain’s learning capacity.*

Rhodiola (Roseroot Extract)

rhodiola root nootropics

Rhodiola rosea or roseroot extract has been traditionally used for centuries as an adaptogenic herb remedy to counter decreased memory, poor concentration and mental fatigue.* Rhodiola rosea is also believed to have remarkable anti-stress and anxiety reducing properties.* As an active ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, roseroot extract offers significant benefits for the brain.*

Neuronal Regeneration

Neurogenesis or neuronal regeneration is the process of growing new neurons in the brain and repairing the old or damaged neurons. Rhodiola is known to help accelerate this process. This ingredient also performs the function of activating the ATP synthesis and re-synthesis (ATP is the primary energy source for the brain cells).

One of the key components of Rhodiola rosea is salidroside, which performs the role of defending neurons against the risk of cellular death induced by oxidative stress. The herb also helps lower the free radicals and C-reactive protein in the brain in order to fight inflammation.*

Improved Mental Performance

One of the important functions of Rhodiola as a part of the Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic is to increase mental energy and reduce brain fatigue and stress.* During phases of severe stress, it can help provide the mental stamina to restore focus, creative thinking and enhance overall mental performance.* It can improve clarity, attention, and concentration to help perform detail-oriented tasks.*      

Rhodiola rosea also contributes to the regulation of norepinephrine and serotonin levels in the brain as well as influences the feel-good beta endorphins to elevate mood. For many users of Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, this ingredient may work to support the body and mind to return to a calm, relaxed state.*

Effect on Mild to Moderate Dementia

Dementia is one of the most common neurodegenerative disorders that is age related. This condition presents in the early stage as memory and learning dysfunction, and over time takes the form of a cognitive disorder. The salidroside component in Rhodiola rosea may help inhibit brain atrophy and serial neuronal loss by regulating critical peptides and tau proteins in the brain, thus potentially lowering or delaying the onset of cognitive impairment.*

In addition, one of the key forces that contribute to the progression of mild to moderate dementia is oxidative stress. Salidroside in Rhodiola promotes protection of the neurons in the brain from harmful oxidative stress by triggering the generation of certain antioxidant enzymes.

Salidroside significantly lowers cellular damage and protects the mitochondria from sodium azide-induced damage. This is an indicator that Rhodiola Rosea could improve and support mitochondrial function.* Another active ingredient in roseroot extract is OPCRR or oligomeric proanthocyanidin, which is known for its antioxidant properties. This natural and potent antioxidant may also deliver therapeutic effects for individuals with age-related brain disorders.*

Effect on Depression and Hypomnesia

Depression is an increasingly common mental health disorder marked by a sense of sadness, feelings of shame or guilt, loss of interest in pleasurable activity, sleep disturbances, and poor concentration. Research has shown that salidroside in Rhodiola rosea, which is a vital component in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, may promote anti-depressant activity in the brain.* One of the key factors in the development of depression is inflammation, and salidroside may play a key role in attenuating inflammatory factors in the brain.*

Hypomnesia refers to abnormally poor memory of events from the past. This condition occurs primarily due to neuronal injury and oxidative damage. Roseroot extract in the Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic is known to enhance and improve the accuracy levels of memory.* The ingredient also has neuroprotective properties that may help reduce memory and learning impairments by stimulating the activity in the central nervous system (CNS).*

Bacopa Monnieri

bacopa monnieri used in nootropics

Bacopa monnieri (BM) is a nootropic herbal leaf extract that constitutes a vital component in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™. According to researchers, Bacopa monnieri is best known for its role as a memory enhancer and a neural tonic.* Evidence also suggests its potential utility in attenuation of conditions, such as mild to moderate dementia and epilepsy.* BM works through mechanisms, such as antioxidant neuroprotection, neurotransmitter modulation, and increased cerebral blood circulation.*

Memory and Cognitive Function

Bacopa monnieri contains powerful saponin compounds like bacopasides and bacosides, which may support brain functions, such as memory, learning and cognition, while inhibiting brain tissue inflammation.* The bacopa ingredient specifically may help improve cognitive performance and enhance memory.* Students using Bacopa are known to report improvements in their memory levels and cognitive function.*

Brain Performance Under Stress

Bacopa monnieri may help reduce anxiety and support better mental performance under stressful conditions.* It achieves this by helping alter the behavior of specific enzymes that are associated with the stress response. People who are engaged in multi-tasking are more likely to experience stress. Bacopa extract can help promote positive mood, favorable cognitive effects, and a lowering of the cortisol hormone levels (cortisol is associated with stress).*

Reducing Inflammation

While inflammation is the natural response in the body to fight illness and trigger healing and repair, low level, chronic inflammation may contribute to a number of chronic illnesses, including brain disorders. Bacopa monnieri as an active ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may help suppress or deactivate the pro-inflammatory cytokines and enzymes.*

Learning and Information Retention

Bacopa monnieri supplementation through nootropics such as Brain Performance Plus™ might help improve information retention, visual information processing, spatial learning, and other learning skills.* Memory and learning functions of the brain are linked to dendrites, which are parts of the brain’s nerve cells. The use of Bacopa monnieri may increase the branching of dendrites as well as the length of each dendrite.*

Huperzine A

Huperzine-A is an alkaloid derived from certain moss plant species. This natural ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic may help increase the acetylcholine neurotransmitter levels in the brain, thus supporting healthy brain function.* As a result, cognition, concentration and memory capacity may improve with the appropriate intake of Huperzine-A.*

A double blind randomized clinical trial conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Huperzine-A showed that 50 ug of this ingredient taken twice a day for a month led to memory enhancement in junior high school students. These participants had been identified with problems of subjective memory. A number of other trials, meta analyses, and studies have been undertaken to assess how Huperzine-A may be supporting brain function.*

Potential Brain Health Benefits of Huperzine-A*

  • Protecting the brain from toxic organophosphates: The essential neurotransmitter in the brain called acetylcholine helps in nerve cell communication. Organophosphates are known to inhibit this neurotransmitter. Huperzine-A helps the brain fight organophosphate toxins.*

  • Protecting neuron cells from toxic glutamate: The amino acid glutamate can destroy the brain’s neuron cells by causing excessive stimulation of the nerve receptors. Huperzine-A helps protect against the toxic effects of glutamate.*

  • Protection against oxidative damage: Excessive iron in the bloodstream may cause oxidative damage to the brain cells. Huperzine-A ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ is known to help protect the brain from the adverse impact of iron overload.*

  • Support in recovery from TBI: TBI or traumatic brain injury can cause lasting damage to the brain function. Huperzine-A might help in a more effective recovery from TBI induced brain bleeding.* It achieves this by delaying cellular death and preventing mitochondrial damage.*

  • Fighting bacterial infections of the brain: Huperzine-A as one of the active natural ingredients in Brain Performance Plus™ works to reduce brain damage occurring from bacterial infections.* It promotes the neuron function and reduces chronic inflammation to help fight the infection.*

  • Helps reduce the cognitive impairment related to depression: While Huperzine-A is not a conclusive treatment for depression, it is known to alleviate some of the signs of cognitive impairment that are usually associated with depressive disorders.*

  • Protection against epileptic seizures: Huperzine-A may increase the brain’s resistance level against seizures.* It is known to provide protection to the brain cells against convulsion related over-excitement and cellular death, which in turn may help with seizures associated with epilepsy.*

Huperzine-A May Help with Mild to Moderate Dementia*

Supplementation with Huperzine-A through nootropics such as Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may help improve mental function, memory and behavior in individuals with mild to moderate dementia.* A research study conducted to assess the efficacy of Huperzine-A for memory-impaired patients showed encouraging results!

A total of 1,823 participants in 20 randomized clinical trials were divided into two groups. One group was administered Huperzine-A, while the other group was given a placebo. As reported by the study, weekly monitoring of both groups revealed that the participants who took Huperzine-A experienced improvements related to cognitive function. Researchers concluded that this ingredient may help support cognitive function.*

Beet Root Extract

nootropics with beet root extract

Beet root extract is one of the unique natural ingredients that has been extensively reviewed by researchers for its role in supporting brain function.* The most important element in beetroot extract is nitrate, which converts to nitric oxide and nitrite in the body. It is known to have a robust effect on the blood vessel responsiveness, which enables an increased level of blood flow to the brain.

As the blood nourishes the brain tissue with oxygenation and the delivery of vital nutrients, it may help enhance some aspects of cognitive performance, such as mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and reaction time.* Beet root extract is a quintessential component in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™, which is aimed at helping improve overall brain health and function.*

Helpful for Athletes*

The intake of beetroot extract can lead to plentiful nitrate content in the bloodstream.* However, to derive the maximized benefits of this natural ingredient for brain performance and general health, the nitrate content in the blood must get converted to nitric oxide. This conversion appears to accelerate in low oxygen conditions in the body, which can occur in a healthy way when athletes or fitness enthusiasts perform hard exercises.

During vigorous workouts, the certain parts of the brain will begin to experience lower levels of oxygen. If adequate amounts of nitrate are present in the blood system at that time, those will be converted quickly to nitric oxide. This helps in the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels, and increases the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. Over a period of time, this oxygenation cycle can help improve brain function.*

Beet Root’s Correlation with Blood Flow to the Brain: Research Study

The brain has certain areas that tend to become poorly perfused (lack in blood supply) as human beings age. This phenomenon may contribute to conditions, such as poor cognitive ability and dementia. Researchers at the Translational Science Center at Wake Forest University conducted a detailed research study to demonstrate how beet root extract increases blood flow or perfusion to the brain.

The research team evaluated how dietary supplementation of nitrates over a period of four days impacted a group of 14 adults in age group of 70 or above. On the first day of the study, the participants reported to a lab after 10 hours of fasting, completed a report on their current health status, and had either a low-nitrate or high-nitrate breakfast.

The breakfast with high nitrate content included 16 oz of beet juice. Following this exercise, the participants returned home and had meals and snacks according to their prescribed diet plan. On day two, after another fasting of 10 hours, the participants again visited the laboratory and ate the breakfasts assigned to them.

One hour after the breakfast, an MRI test was conducted to record the blood flow in each participant’s brain. Nitrite levels in their bloodstream were confirmed through blood tests taken before and after the assigned breakfast.

On day three and four, the assigned diets were switched, and the rest of the process was repeated for each participant. The MRI scan results revealed that following the consumption of a high-nitrate diet, the blood flow increased to the brain’s white matter in the frontal lobes. This is the area of the brain that is primarily associated with neurodegeneration, which causes cognitive decline and leads to dementia.

Coffee Berry Whole Fruit Extract

Coffee berry fruit is a cherry-like, bright red fruit that envelops the coffee beans to shield them as they grow. Over the decades, researchers have found that coffee berry whole fruit extract (which is an active natural ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic) is one of the potent supplements to enhance brain function.* This brain enhancing ingredient may support brain anti-aging, faster learning and anxiety alleviation, among other things.*

Enhanced BDNF Levels

Coffee berry extract is an all-natural compound produced from the whole fruit of the coffee plant. Regular intake of this extract in precise dosage can significantly promote the levels of a vital protein called BDNF or brain derived neurotrophic factor.* BDFN is critical for the generation of new neuron cells as well as maintenance of the existing healthy neurons in the brain.

But the BDNF levels are not likely to improve with drinking coffee, green coffee, or including chlorogenic acids in the diet. It is the whole coffee fruit alone that has been found to support the cognitive function through increasing the BDNF levels.* BDNF is recognized as the brain’s natural fertilizer, which enables healthy nerve cells to branch out in order to improve cellular communication.

The brain enhancing compounds and antioxidants in coffee fruit extract are known to increase the BDNF levels by as much as 143 percent.* This natural ingredient as part of Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic may support the building of new neural pathways, enabling faster learning, sharper focus, and increased mental clarity.* Coffee berry whole fruit extract also helps combat inflammation to preserve brain health and support brain function.*

Benefits of High BDNF Levels

  • Improved Memory: BDNF stimulates the formation of new neuron cell connections in the brain’s memory center called hippocampus. This may result in improved memory function over time.*

  • Faster Learning: The BDNF promoting effects of coffee fruit extract can increase the speed of learning.* High BDNF supports the growth of new brain pathways in response to new information (new stimuli), which can make it easier to develop new skills or acquire complex learning quickly.*

  • Brain anti-aging: Although BDNF cannot reverse brain aging, its neuroprotective effects can shield the brain cells from free radical damage and chronic stress.* These conditions can accelerate brain aging, and BDNF can slow down the process. It also helps in the repair of damaged brain cells.*

  • Mood Elevation: People with high stress levels or those suffering from a depressive disorder may have lower BDNF levels in some parts of the brain. Supplementation with nootropics that include coffee fruit extract may help fight low feelings through an increased level of BDNF and improve the brain’s resilience to stress.*

Anxiety and Stress Reduction*

In addition to boosting the BDNF levels, coffee berry whole fruit extract in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ may also serve another vital purpose. This natural ingredient is a key source of the antioxidant called chlorogenic acid, which is known to protect the brain tissue from the potential damage caused by chronic stress.*

With the intake of coffee fruit extract in recommended daily dosage, it will release chlorogenic acid in the bloodstream. As this antioxidant reaches the brain, it will trigger the GABA-A receptors which help ease anxiety and stress.* Unlike addictive stress reducer medications, coffee berry whole fruit extract in nootropics is a gentle and natural way to obtain relief from stress and anxiety and restore calm thinking.*

Anti-inflammatory Properties*

The antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which is intrinsic to coffee berry fruit extract. has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It protects the body’s cells against inflammation-induced oxidative damage, and once it reaches the brain, it begins to protect the neurons from this damage. Chlorogenic acid empowers the brain cells to sustain free radical damage, while also preventing memory loss induced by certain drugs.*


nootropics with ashwagandha

Withania somnifera, popularly known as Ashwagandha is an ancient herb found in many parts of Asia. Ashwagandha’s root contains active phytoconstituents, such as sitoindosides, alkaloids, and withanolides that are traditionally used to treat various types of brain disorders. Ashwagandha supports the regulation of cortisol levels to improve stress, mental fatigue, irritability, memory, concentration, and sleep.*

Nootropics such as Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ include ashwagandha as a natural ingredient because of its anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-anxiety properties. It is known to promote mental capacity, enhance visual and spatial memory, reduce the brain’s oxidative stress, and help in the prevention of nerve cell degeneration throughout life, and especially as we age.*

Lowers Anxiety Levels*

Ashwagandha is believed to have sedative, relaxing and calming properties that may be helpful in reducing anxiety and restoring mental agility and concentration.* High potency ashwagandha extracts work as a naturopathic solution to significantly cut down stress levels through reduction of cortisol, a prominent stress-related hormone.*

Prevents Nerve Cell Degeneration*

Physical, emotional, and chemical stress may damage the nervous system and the brain tissue to some degree. Ashwagandha is the active ingredient in Brain Performance Plus™ that may support brain health and protect it from cellular degeneration.* This makes it a useful ally in the fight against mild to moderate dementia and other age-related cognitive declines.*

Helps Improve Cognition*

The antioxidant compound in ashwagandha called withanolides may support the cognitive function.* Withanolides are naturally occurring steroids, which are known to promote cellular regeneration, lower the amyloid beta burden, and reverse plaque build-up and behavioral deficits. Individuals with mild forms of cognitive impairments may benefit from ashwagandha for mental skill development, faster information processing, and attention building.*

Supports the Nervous System*

Ashwagandha may promote high levels of acetylcholine neurotransmitters in the brain, which helps calm the nervous system and supports overall brain function, memory and intelligence.* Acetylcholine is also responsible for the healthy levels of GABA compound in the brain. It improves cell-to-cell communication throughout the central nervous system, and helps fight progressive memory loss that is seen in people with dementia.*

Defends Against Neurotoxins*

A variety of neurotoxins, such as lead, streptozotocin, aluminum chloride, kainic acid, scopolamine, and BPA (bisphenol A), may cause harm to the brain over time. Supplementation with ashwagandha as part of Brain Performance Plus™ nootropic might provide good defense against these neurotoxins.* This natural ingredient may also be helpful in the aftermath of a stroke as it may mitigate the scale of the biochemical changes and brain injury, which occur with a stroke.*

Fights Brain Disorder Symptoms*

Researchers have found that Ashwagandha has neuroprotective effects that may help with a range of brain disorders. Some of the recognized neuroprotective phytoconstituents of this ancient plant are withanols, withanosides, withaferin, withanolides, withansides, beta sitosterol and anaferine, which may be associated with important pharmacological effects in brain disorders, such as depression, dyslexia, ADHD, and bipolar disorders.* 


L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves, which is known to support brain function by alleviating stress disorders, regulating healthy sleep, and elevating mood levels.* L-theanine as a vital ingredient in Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ contributes to a range of healthy changes in the brain to promote mental calmness, focus and clarity.*

Increases the Brain’s Calming Chemicals*

L-theanine in Brain Performance Plus™ is known to elevate the levels of calming brain chemicals, such as GABA, dopamine and serotonin.* These potent neurotransmitters work inside the brain to help regulate sleep, mood, emotions, alertness, concentration, and mental energy. When the levels of these calming chemicals in the brain are increased, it may promote relaxation and healthy sleep.*

Reduces the Brain’s Excitatory Chemicals*

While on one side L-theanine works to enhance the feelings of relaxation and calmness, on the other side it also helps lower the levels of certain brain chemicals that are associated with anxiety and stress.* As a recognized anxiolytic, it promotes stress reduction and attentive wakefulness without sedation. Protection of the brain cells from the potential damage caused by chronic stress is one of the key roles of L-theanine.*

Facilitates the Release of Alpha Brain Waves*

Alpha waves in the brain are linked to the “wakeful relaxation” state. This ideal state of mind is usually experienced when a person is engaged in a creative activity, meditation, or calm daydreaming. During REM sleep alpha waves are present in the brain. L-theanine may help stimulate the release of these alpha brain waves to support functions, such as creativity, focus, clarity, and relaxation.*

Lowers the Corticosterone Hormone Levels*

When the body and mind experience stress, it triggers the product of stress hormones, such as corticosterone and cortisol. Excessive release of these hormones may inhibit some brain functions, such as spatial learning and memory formation. L-theanine in Alkalife® nootropic Brain Performance Plus™ may help reduce the levels of corticosterone to clear the mental hurdles that interfere with learning and memory.* It may also increase the reaction time and attention span in some people by reducing mental stress.*

The Power of Nootropics: The Alkalizing Formula in Brain Performance Plus™

Alkalife® Brain Performance Plus™ distinguishes itself from conventional nootropic brain supplements with its advanced alkalizing formula of sodium bicarbonate (105 mg), potassium bicarbonate and carbonate (430 mg) and magnesium carbonate (50 mg).

This alkalizing formula helps improve the absorption of vital nutrients in the body while facilitating the removal of toxins and acidic waste at the same time.* It also neutralizes harmful free radicals, lactic acid build-up, and acid in the bloodstream, which all work together to support brain function and overall brain health.*

It is important to remember that life on earth depends on the right levels of alkalinity (pH levels) in and around living beings. However, the growing level of industrialization over the centuries has adversely impacted the natural pH levels in soil, water, plants and foods, which are vital for human life.

This makes alkaline supplementation essential for healthy growth and maintenance of the body and brain cells.* Brain Performance Plus™ is the first-ever alkaline enhancing formulation that helps maximize cognitive potential through supporting overall brain function and memory.* Choose this one-of-a-kind brain supplement from Alkalife® and get ready to become the best version of yourself! With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try it today risk-free. Shop now!

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