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by: BJ Bergey

Amid the pandemic, it’s only natural that you would want to put your healthiest foot forward. Some people may choose to eat healthier or take vitamins. Alkaline water may be another way to help keep your body healthy, increase your hydration levels, and potentially even boost your immune system.


How Does Alkaline Water Help?

Alkaline water has long been touted as a preventative for degenerative diseases, arthritis, kidney stones, diabetes, bone loss, and various cancer types. Proponents of alkaline water believe that acid build-up in the body is the root cause of many chronic illnesses. By introducing alkaline water into your diet, your body begins to flush out built-up acid by way of urine instead of retaining it. The result is less acid in your body and less discomfort from long-term uric acid retention, and overall increased hydration, which in turn supports the immune system.

Avid alkaline water consumers claim that alkaline water has changed their lives for the better. 

The Importance of Hydration — Especially During a Pandemic

The stress of living through a pandemic affects everyone differently, but most people report feeling stress in physical and mental manifestations. By staying on top of your hydration goals, you can set yourself up to better brave the stress of this uncertain time. 

Alkaline water enthusiasts report that alkaline water has made hydration a priority for them after feeling the many benefits for themselves. The perks of alkaline water consumption can include a welcome energy boost, uplifted mood, increased ability to focus, better sleep quality, and countless other life-enhancing benefits.

Hydration is Key to Healthy Immune Function

Alkaline water has a long-standing reputation for potentially boosting immunity. As part of a daily regimen, alkaline water may prevent dehydration and prevent the continuous build-up of harmful acids in the body. Drinking water, alkaline or otherwise, is an essential part of maintaining healthy immune function. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to keep your body functioning to the best of its ability and boost natural defenses against infection.

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