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April 29, 2021 2 min read


If you think back to your days in science class, you may remember testing different types of fluids or foods to determine their pH level. A basic chemistry concept, the pH level of liquid significantly affects its properties — and the same is true for your body. Your body relies on a stable pH level to remain healthy and function properly. When your bodily fluids are too acidic or lower than a pH of 7.4, you can develop acidosis.

Let’s explore the symptoms of acidosis, its causes, and the most effective methods for regaining a healthy pH balance in your body.

What Causes Acidosis?

The two main types of acidosis are respiratory and metabolic. As it is the responsibility of the kidneys and lungs to maintain a healthy pH in the body, a breakdown of either organ system due to illness or injury may lead to acidosis.

Respiratory Acidosis

When your respiratory system cannot eliminate enough carbon dioxide (CO2), respiratory acidosis may occur. The cause of CO2 build-up may be due to structural damage or injury to the lungs, but can also develop from chronic conditions such as asthma.

Metabolic Acidosis

When your kidneys are unable to eliminate excess acid, metabolic acidosis develops. Diabetic acidosis, a complication arising from poorly controlled diabetes, is a dangerous condition that can lead to loss of consciousness and death. Other forms of metabolic acidosis, such as lactic acidosis, may develop from chronic illness, like heart failure, cancer, or sustained heavy alcohol use.

Symptoms of Acidosis

Depending on the type of acidosis present, symptoms may vary. Symptoms common for both types of acidosis include fatigue, headache, confusion, and lack of energy. Metabolic acidosis can also cause unfavorable symptoms such as nausea and vomiting as well those mentioned above.


Acidosis: Treatment Options

If left untreated, acidosis can be fatal. In most cases, acidosis can be controlled by treating the cause of low pH in the body (such as stabilizing diabetic symptoms). However, oral or intravenous (IV) interventions with sodium bicarbonate may be needed to bring pH back to healthy levels.

Treatment with oxygen may help regulate acid levels in the body depending on the type of acidosis and cause. Some individuals benefit from the use of a CPAP device to regulate breathing, particularly during sleep. In all cases of emergency acidosis, medical intervention is needed, and self-treatment should not be attempted.

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