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by: BJ Bergey

One of the major underlying causes to many health problems and areas of toxic build up is an acidic environment. When we metabolize food and produce waste this adds to the body's acidity, along with other lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise and smoking.  

Years of accumulation of toxins can lead to poor blood and lymph circulation and poor cell activity which results in preventing proper nutrients from entering cells, thus weakening cells making them unable to perform their duties.  This toxic accumulation can eventually lead to a litany of diseases. 

Our bodies pH level plays a vital role in keeping this acidic environment in check, oxygen deprivation occurs in a highly acidic state. The combination of acid plus a lack of oxygen is a perfect environment for cancer cells.  The ideal blood pH level for an adult is 7.35. Anything lower begins to help promote acidity. 

There are numerous ways in which we can avoid the highly acidic state that leads to poor health and disease.  But paramount to this effort is to increase our bodies alkalinity and pH level.  This can be done via: proper alkaline diet, exercise, and taking alkaline water supplements.  

The three biggest contributors to illness and health issues are: dehydration, over-acidification & oxidation (free-radical damage) of cells.  Ionized, alkaline water addresses all three of those issues.  Our job is to help keep our body clean, meaning to: no eat processed foods, consume soft drinks and power drinks, limit alcohol, don’t smoke, eat less meat and more fruits/vegetables and lower stress levels where possible. 

So while there's more to detoxing the body than simply just drinking alkaline water, it does go a long way to helping maintain the body's healthy pH level, which in turn removes the body from being in such an acidic state.  Combine drinking alkaline water with proper diet and exercise and the body will go a long way towards healthy detoxification.