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May 11, 2020 4 min read


Alkaline water has shown to be very helpful in aiding the body to remove acid from the bloodstream and also to decrease lactic acid build-up. The pH increase from drinking alkaline water helps significantly neutralize the acid in our bodies.*  

While there are other lifestyle choices such as exercise, proper diet, not drinking, or smoking that all contribute greatly towards the body enjoying a less acidic environment, the body is greatly assisted by adding pH drops to drinking water. The body remaining in a highly acidic state over time accumulates a lot more toxins, therefore further accelerating the potential for deadly diseases to take hold. 

The Overall Impacts of Acidity on the Body

As the body ages — and due to potentially poor diet — our bodies become more acidic. Excess acidity levels have been shown to contribute to a number of ailments that can affect the body and mind. Some of these problems with excess acidity are:

  • Feelings of exhaustion and unable to recover energy after strenuous tasks

  • Increased anxiety that leads to depression and sudden onset of panic attacks

  • Skin issues including hives, acne, psoriasis, and eczema

  • Digestive difficulties that include bloating, constipation, and diarrhea

  • Loss of a consistent sleep pattern with increased bouts of insomnia

  • The decay of tooth enamel and gum disease

  • Loss of libido and sexual functionality

  • Excess cramping before and after period cycles in women

  • Increased nausea and consistent loss of appetite

Problems with acidity can have profoundly adverse effects on the body and can lead to acidosis. According to some medical experts, the implications of long-term pH imbalance in the body due to increased acidity can be dramatically more pronounced. Here are some of the long-term effects of a high acidity on the pHysiological state are:

  • A weakened immune system leading to more colds and other minor illnesses the body can no longer fend off

  • Chronic digestive issues that can seriously affect the body’s ability to receive nutrients from food

  • Problems with arthritis, joint inflammation, severe muscle stiffness, and ligament problems

  • Kidney problems including the development of kidney stones and a rise in the occurrence of gout

  • Issues with circulation and proper heart functioning

  • Chronic fungal and bacterial infections

  • Bone density problems and osteoporosis

  • Acidosis

  • Cancer

The health problems caused by excess acidity in the body can be profound and get worse over time without addressing the imbalance of the body’s pH level. In an attempt to increase mineral content, the human body removes minerals from organs in an effort to raise alkaline levels. Over time, pH imbalance leads to a vicious cycle where the body harms itself in order to remain functional.

The Risk of Diabetes and Acidosis

An increase in acidic levels and pH imbalance may result in weight gain leading to secondary problems such as diabetes and severe obesity. When the human body maintains a high acidic level over a prolonged period of time, it suffers from insulin sensitivity. This process forces the production of excess insulin, leading the body to transform every consumed calorie into fat.

Some experts have linked acidic pH level signals to genetics and a possible cause to starvation or as a direct result of it. The body may produce excess acid as a result of insufficient insulin. This leads to a cycle of caloric intake that does not yield the nutrients the body needs to maintain healthy functionality, which in turn leads to additional problems. This process continues until the body can no longer properly function and the diabetic condition worsens.

Premature Aging and Circulation Problems

The lack of a stable pH due to acidic damage to the body may also cause premature aging and circulation issues. Due to the inability to combat free radicals within the body, a high acidic level may gradually lead to a state of premature aging. In this state, free radicals greatly increase the aging process leading to the accelerated deterioration of critical organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Circulation problems also arise due to a high acidic level in the human body. Due to unchecked free radical damage, cell wall destruction may increase the likelihood of circulatory problems and lead to heart damage. 

These problems, as well as issues with cognitive decline and muscle impairment, are all caused by an increase in acidic levels in the body. Without corrective measures, chronic conditions and poor health circumstances may further the overall decline of an individual’s health due to acidosis.


The Benefits of Alkaline Water Intake

According to Home Environment Center, with an adequate intake of alkaline, many of the negative effects of pH imbalances can be avoided. Alkaline water works to correct the body’s acidic state by recalibrating internal systems with increased alkalinity levels.*

When consuming alkaline water, the body utilizes the additional mineral intake to reduce acid levels in the bloodstream.* By doing so, the body may be better able to combat free radical damage and premature aging.* Increased alkaline also benefits major organs by supplementing minerals that assist with the overall health of critical components of your body, including your heart, kidneys, and liver.*

Alkaline water may also assist the body in being able to maintain higher energy levels.* This, in turn, leads to increased activity, which also assists the body in expelling excess acid through physical exertion.* This is a beneficial cycle that may be of substantial benefit to an individual’s overall health state.*

Alkaline Water’s Role in Lactic Acid Removal

Another problem that drinking alkaline water helps with is lowering the lactic acid build-up associated with intense exercise.* Lactic acidosis is the phrase associated when lactic acid is present in the body and lactate in the muscles. This lactic acid build-up is what is responsible for when weight lifters and athletes get sore muscles.  

A significant benefit of the high alkaline state your body is in when taking pH drops is that it can help quickly get rid of this lactic acid build-up, therefore limiting the recovery time needed for athletes to continue training rigorously. *

For people looking to significantly neutralize the acid build-up in your bloodstream and your muscles, look no further than Alkalife.* For more information about our products and their benefits, contact us today!

*Acidosis is a serious health condition. Please consult with a licensed medical professional if you are suffering from acidosis-related health problems.

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