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by: BJ Bergey

A well functioning digestive tract also known as the Gastrointestinal tract, or GI tract, is essential to remain healthy.  And there is benefit to every part of the GI tract when drinking alkaline water. The digestive tract encompasses all of the organs involved with eating and eliminating waste from the body.  This includes your stomach, colon, small & large intestines and even your duodenum.

The reason alkaline water has an effect on digestion is that the digestive tract is pH sensitive. The way this works is food triggers the GI tract to release hormones, which in turn release the needed enzymes for proper digestion. The pH in the food you eat is a factor used to trigger these hormones. 

An important distinction needs to be made that pH alone does not trigger digestion enzymes. Due to this, alkaline water alone will not trigger the release of stomach acid, on an empty stomach alkaline water passes right through the intestines. 

It’s when you eat, that pH is a key factor in telling your stomach which hormones need activation. Sluggish digestion with poor nutrient absorption, happens when the stomach isn’t getting triggered to release the correct enzymes. Poor digestion can lead to a slew of health problems such as ulcers, gas, acid reflux and more! 

The thing is your stomach and intestines are both pH sensitive, so when your pH level is healthy and balanced what you eat triggers the correct hormones, releasing the correct enzymes, therefore leading to healthy digestion and more nutrients being absorbed into your body.  However the opposite happens when your pH level is off, slowing and disrupting digestion and resulting in a poor amount of absorption of key nutrients. 

For people interested in incorporating alkaline water into their diet the original patented 10pH booster drops Alkalife are one of the best options on the market.