May 26, 2020 2 min read

If you go to the doctor and get diagnosed with a fever it’s always recommended to drink plenty of fluids and remain hydrated. Reason being, water allows our bodies to maintain healthy functions allowing us to stave off sickness and disease more effectively. 

However staying hydrated shouldn’t just be something you do when the doctor tells you to because you’ve fallen ill. It should be something that becomes a normal habit, and to take it to the next level and really boost your immune system, drinking alkaline water should be incorporated into your diet. 

Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH level than usual, when water is above the neutral point it is considered alkaline. Alkaline water is only slightly higher than the neutral point. *

Fighting off toxic chemicals is difficult work for the body to do while trying to maintain healthy functions, often this leads to people feeling lazy and weak while the body is attempting to fight off toxic chemicals. 

When the body is in an acidic state it produces more toxins, this is where alkaline water comes into play. When introduced to the body, alkaline water, often administered into a cup of water as pH booster drops, works to neutralize the acids present.*

In addition to neutralizing acid, alkaline water is absorbed into the body quite easily. *Thus allowing the water you drink to be used in the body more effectively.* The function water plays in your body to help flush out harmful chemicals and toxins becomes much more efficient when drinking alkaline water regularly.*

Another often unspoken about benefit is that drinking alkaline water can improve the performance of your circulatory system.*  The quality of your blood is altered with higher pH levels allowing it to carry more oxygen to your vital organs. 

When you combine neutralizing harmful acid, increasing the body's hydration levels and ability to more easily flush out toxins with increased circulatory performance your immune system gets a significant boost and is more ready to fend off foreign pathogens and ward off infections.

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